The conference is proudly presented by the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) and the University of South Australia.

The Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum aims to provide a platform for educators in Islamic schooling (Islamic schools, Madrassah or home educators/home schoolers) to network, build collaborative partnerships, share stories of hope and showcase projects and best practices in Islamic education.

The format of the Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum is designed to be practical and interactive with time for question and answer and discussion between presenters and participants.

The Annual Australian Islamic Education Forum proposes to bridge theory and practice by complementing the theoretical and academic nature of the Annual Islamic Schooling Conference which serves to build the rigor of academic research in the field.



* Session 1: Keynote Address: Understanding the Australian Curriculum and how to make it work for your school, Dr Deborah Price - Chair: Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA): Program Director MMET, UniSA

* Session 3: Critical Perspectives on Curriculum in Islamic Schooling, Mr Dylan Chown, CITE Research Fellow & Program Director - Islamic Education, UniSA

* Session 6: Update on Australian Islamic Studies Curriculum Project, Professor Mohamad Abdalla, CITE Director, UniSA

* Session 7: Panel Session, Teacher Led 


This gathering offers an exceptional professional development opportunity not to be missed.


Expected Presenters and Participants

The forum expects participants and presenters from universities, Islamic Schools, madrassah, home schools/home education - educational leaders, senior teachers, curriculum or teaching and learning coordinators and classroom teachers.

Forum Background and Theme

Islamic Schooling Renewal – A Focus on Curriculum

A key element of Islamic schooling renewal is a focus on curriculum. Many questions pertaining to various aspects of curriculum renewal in Islamic schooling require answers and practical insights: What does curriculum renewal look like in Islamic schooling? How are educators in Islamic schooling engaging with the Australian Curriculum or the Early Years Learning Framework? How much progress has been made in the area of curriculum within Islamic schooling? To what extent have we achieved an ‘Islamic’ curriculum? What does this mean? Are curricular relevant and contextual and how do they align with the Australian Curriculum? How equipped is the field of Islamic schooling to manage necessary curriculum renewal? What progress has been made in the area of integrated curricular? What does integration in the context of Islamic schooling deliver for quality teaching and learning? Do existing curricular meet the needs of Australian Muslim students?

These are just some of the questions that Islamic Schooling Renewal – A Focus on Curriculum will tackle in the practical forum sessions.

Presentations will address the following themes:

  • Negotiating contested spaces – curriculum and Islamic schooling
  • Strategies for engaging with National Curriculum
  • Islamic schooling & the Early Years Learning Framework (Belonging, Being and Becoming)
  • Leadership and curriculum• Case studies and stories of hope - curriculum integration, curriculum renewal, curriculum projects
  • Case studies and stories of hope - curriculum enactment in &/or across KLAs in Islamic schooling (English, HaSS, STEM, HPE/PDHPE, Arts, Music, Islamic & Arabic studies)
  • Enacting curriculum for teaching faith perspectives across the curriculum
  • Quality curriculum, assessment and pedagogy in Islamic schooling contexts

Call For Proposals

You are invited to submit a proposal for the 2nd Australian Islamic Education Forum

  • Are you an educational leader supporting curriculum renewal in your school, Madrassah or home-school network?• Can you share lessons on engaging with the Australian Curriculum or the Years Learning Framework?
  • Have you as an individual or as a team of educators engaged in a significant curriculum project? Do you have a story of hope to share?
  • Are you a senior teacher, curriculum or teaching and learning coordinator leading a curriculum initiative or project in your Islamic school, Madrassah or home-schooling network?
  • Have you established a whole-school approach to quality curriculum for an Islamic school, Madrassah or Home-school?
  • Have you established an effective approach to curriculum enactment in &/or across KLA(s) in Islamic schooling (English, HaSS, STEM, HPE/PDHPE, Arts, Music, Islamic & Arabic studies)
  • Can you offer insight into best practice approaches for curriculum, pedagogy or assessment for an Islamic school, Madrassah or home-schooling classroom?
If so, we invite you to present and share! 

The Forum Committee are seeking proposals that

  • Feature a presenter or presenters with expertise in the topic area who bring new insights
  • Are based on or supported by research and/or demonstrated classroom best practice
  • Respond to the Forum themes
  • Showcase case studies or collaborative projects
  • Provide practical classroom or whole-school solutions
  • Benefit a wide range of audiences for schools, madrassah or home schooling networks that are operating at various stages of growth/development.

Sessions are 75 minutes in length and are open to all conference participants, with audience sizes ranging from approximately 25-40. Sessions are designed to provide depth in one topic/theme or area rather than outlining broadly many topics/themes or areas.

Guidelines for Submission

Proposals must be submitted electronically using the Electronic Proposal Application Form. The electronic submission form contains detailed instructions. The form must be completed in its entirety to be considered. Please find Presenters Information Package.

Title of proposed presentation: The Title of the proposed presentation should not exceed ten (10) words and should be descriptive capturing the crux of the presentation.

Abstract: The Abstract must be between 250 and 300 words.

Proposal: This is the full description of the presentation. The Proposal may not exceed 500 words. Description of the presentation in outline format is an acceptable form for the proposal submission.

Contact Information: Full contact details must be provided in order for CITE to liaise with you. If there is more than one speaker, the contact person will serve as the liaison between CITE and the rest of the speakers.

Presenter Bio: Bios for prospective presenters should not exceed 125 words. If you are selected to present at the conference, the presenter’s bio will appear in the conference program.

Upon its submission, your proposal will be reviewed for completeness, and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Incomplete proposals may not be considered.

Audio Visual Requests:

•  Data projectors and screens will be provided in every room.

•  Efforts will be made to fulfil other audio-visual requests.

•  Handouts are the responsibility of presenters. 

Travel and Accommodation for Presenters

Travel, accommodation and associated costs are the responsibility of presenters. Lunch, morning and afternoon tea on conference days is complementary for presenters and included in registration for participants.

lease Note: Speakers MUST be present for the duration of the conference.

For further Information please email: cite@unisa.edu.au

Stalls and Sponsorship: cite@unisa.edu.au 


Date and time
Saturday 28 April 2018
8.00am - 5:30pm
Minaret College, 36-38 Lewis Street, Springvale VIC 3171
Early Bird Registration Fee - end date: 5pm Friday 13 April, 2018
Standard Registration Fee
Student Registration Fee - Flat rate

INVOICE If you wish to pay by invoice, please email cite@unisa.edu.au directly for an invoice to be emailed to you

Abstract Submissions
1 March 2018 - Submissions Open
7 April 2018 - Submissions close, early submissions welcome
13 April 2018 - Outcome of submission advised



Please submit your abstracts to Mr Dylan Chown at cite@unisa.edu.au

Enquiries and further information
Please email cite@unisa.edu.au
Key Dates
1 March 2018 - Submissions Open
7 April 2018 -  Presentation Proposal submissions close. Early submissions are welcome.
13 April 2018 - Outcome of submission advised
28 April 2018 - Date of Event
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