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Feb 11, 2023: AI & Learning Symposium

The event will provide an engaging forum to make sense of AI and to openly discuss implementation challenges as well as impacts on schools. To learn more and register, visit the event's page

Past events

C3L Summer Internships

C3L summer internship program offers an invaluable hands-on professional experience working in a dynamic, collaborative, multicultural environment. We are seeking a number of highly motivated and engaged UniSA students to work with us for a period of 4 weeks (20hrs per week) to tackle these challenges, doing innovative work to explore the use of data mining and data manipulation techniques in the context of human interactions.

Students will work in the context of a research problem and will:

  • Explore the literature and data available for the problem
  • Elaborate insights based on a set of research questions
  • Propose visualisations, analytical techniques or actions to increase the knowledge around the problem
  • Collate the results and conclusions, and communicate them to the team leaders (to be allocated when the internship starts)

Learn more and apply for our summer internship

Workshop - Introduction to Learning Analytics

With the increased adoption of technology, institutions have unprecedented opportunities to continuously improve the quality of their services through data collection and analysis. Schools and universities now have data about learners and their contexts that can provide valuable insight into how they learn. Early attempts were directed towards mining educational data to identify students-at-risk and develop interventions. Recently, more sophisticated approaches are being deployed by researchers and practitioners. These include analysis of learner behaviour that leads to various learning outcomes, social networks and teams, employability, creativity, and critical thinking. Analysing digital traces generated through learning processes requires a broad suite of methods from data science, statistics, psychometrics, social and learning sciences.

This workshop aims to introduce teachers and educators to the fast growing and promising field of learning analytics. How digital data can be used for the analysis and improvement of student learning will be explored. First, we will provide an overview of learning analytics, its key methods and approaches, as well as problems for which it can be used. Secondly, attendees will engage in group learning activities to explore ways in which learning analytics could be used within their institutions. The focus will be on identifying learning-related challenges that are relevant to their particular context and exploring how learning analytics can be used to practically and effectively.


Talk - Many faces of social identity: Detecting emergent roles in online interactions with group communication analysis

Monday 22nd October 2018
9.00am – 5.30pm

Lisa-Angelique Lim

Dr. Nia Dowell

School of Information & Academic Innovation,
University of Michigan

This talk will present results from recent work that uses language and discourse to capture social and cognitive dynamics during collaborative interactions. I will introduce group communication analysis (GCA), a novel approach for detecting emergent learner roles from the participants’ contributions and patterns of interaction. This method makes use of automated computational linguistic analysis of the sequential interactions of participants in online group communication to create distinct interaction profiles. We have applied the GCA to several collaborative learning datasets. Cluster analysis, predictive, and hierarchical linear mixed-effects modeling were used to assess the validity of the GCA approach, and practical influence of learner roles on student and overall group performance. The results indicate that learners’ patterns in linguistic coordination and cohesion are representative of the roles that individuals play in collaborative discussions. More broadly, GCA provides a framework for researchers to explore the micro intra- and inter-personal patterns associated with the participants’ roles and the sociocognitive processes related to successful collaboration.

Digital Learning Summit 2018

Tuesday 13th March 2018
9.00am – 5.30pm

Presented by UniSA's Teaching Innovation Unit and Centre for Change Complexity in Learning, the Digital Learning Summit 2018 will feature a range of presentations from world-class researchers and scholars visiting UniSA from around the world. This one-day event is a chance for you to engage with the latest innovations and ideas in digital learning. I’ve included the link to the program

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