From concept to commercialisation

Whether you have an idea at an early stage or are seeking funding opportunities to financially support your research project, we can assist you throughout the commercialisation process.


1. Initiation

We will provide up-front advice and negotiation on IP during research or consulting project setup and establishment.


2. Invention

You will be required to report on invention disclosures during the project execution as and when they arise.


3. Assessment

We will review the invention disclosure for commercialisation potential and protection strategies. This may proceed to IP protection based on merit.


4. Development

We will provide feedback on commercial potential and further refinement of invention based on market feedback.


5. Market

We will promote and market IP to potential industry and investor partners for commercialisation of the invention.


6. Deal and translate to commercialisation partners

We will enter into commercial negotiations with industry, stakeholders and investors to procure a deal through licensing, sale, spin-out company or other commercial arrangement.


7. Distribute and attribute

We will distribute all proceeds with appropriate recognition of inventors and commercialisation team for positive project outcomes.

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    Commercial development

    We support the commercial development of UniSA technologies by providing access to funding, industry, legal and business management support. By bridging the gap between UniSA researchers and industry, we can help increase the likelihood of a successful commercial outcome.

    Our team offers a range of expertise to assist you with the commercial assessment and development of your technology.

    Take the first step in assessing your technology for commercialisation and complete our invention disclosure form.

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  • money-trees Funding and grants minus-thin plus-thin

    Funding and grants

    We have an established network of investment capital partner from Angel investors, high-net-worth individuals, venture capital investment funds, and grant agencies to assist with the commercial development of UniSA projects.

    We also have our own early-stage fund, the Ventures Catalyst Fund, to support commercially focused R&D.

    To start the process, simply submit an invention disclosure form and discuss the commercial options for your project with one of our Commercial Managers.

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  • paper-recycle IP lifecycle management minus-thin plus-thin

    IP lifecycle management

    In order to protect intellectual property successfully, professional and strategic management of new and existing intellectual property is critical.

    We will work with you at all stages of IP lifecycle, from the research ideation stage, to the project planning, grants and funding applications through to protection, licensing and formation of spin-outs. We provide this service for all IP that has been developed within the University.

    Take the first step in protecting your intellectual property and complete our invention disclosure form.

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  • handshake-business-team Industry engagement minus-thin plus-thin

    Industry engagement

    To translate research and IP to industry, it is imperative to engage with industry at an early stage to ensure that the outcomes align with the needs of the end user customer. We engage with industry at an early stage in the development of UniSA technologies to:

    • Identify market need and potential in addition to attracting potential collaborative partners and licensing opportunities
    • Develop and execute collaborative research projects
    • Facilitate contract R&D
    • Provide industry feedback for further development of the IP
    • Attract IP licensees and form spin-off companies

    Leverage internal funding with industry support for the commercial development of UniSA technologies

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  • graduate-cap Education minus-thin plus-thin


    We seek to educate UniSA staff, students and researchers on the value of intellectual property and the commercialisation process by providing one-on-one sessions as part of a commercialisation project or for those wishing to discover more about the process.

    We also deliver presentations on intellectual property and technology commercialisation to academic units, institutes or research groups at UniSA by appointment.

    Topics covered include:

    • Intellectual Property
    • Patents and the patent process
    • Commercialisation process
    • Financing commercialisation

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  • legal-document-stamp Legal and contracts minus-thin plus-thin

    Legal and contracts

    It is essential that all dealings with IP are underpinned by legal guidance and appropriate contractual documentation. This is to ensure a clear chain of title to IP and to protect against exposure to commercial risks and civil and criminal liabilities both to the organisations as well as to the individual researchers involved.

    We have our own experienced legal counsel for advice covering all regulatory and legal aspects of commercialisation, including industrial contracts (formulation and review) to IP licensing, patent reviews and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

    We can:

    • Ensure that all proposed commercial arrangements and documentation are appropriate and are in order
    • Provide expert legal advice in relation to IP protection and commercialisation
    • Assist you to establish successful contractual relationships with industry to meet your IP development and commercialisation objectives
    • Partner with you to optimise the benefits from your IP creation and commercialisation
    • Assist with negotiation, preparation and review of legal contracts and agreements
    • Protect and promote the University’s interests in IP commercialisation
    • Monitor compliances with applicable legislation.

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Purple coloured cell structures under the microscope

Our successes

Professor Benjamin (Ben) Thierry is one example of a passionate UniSA researcher who, along with his PhD student and collaborators, has successfully worked with UniSA Ventures to commercialise their IP. Their breakthrough magnetic nano-particles that are visible on MRI allow pre-surgical imaging and identification of secondary cancer cells in lymph nodes. With the support of UniSA Ventures, their hard work was rewarded by the establishment of  spin-out company, Ferronova.

Find out how we can help you get started on your own journey to commercialisation.

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