A strong Australian resources sector delivers the energy needed for everyday life, and drives national job creation and economic growth. Social, economic and environmental changes, including energy transition, constrained natural and human resources, and the effect of climate change, all require sustainable solutions that optimise available technologies and generate globally competitive solutions.

At UniSA, we know it takes collaboration to ensure our energy, resources, and mining sectors remain competitive and sustainable. This is why we work closely with our partners to explore new ideas and operations that increase productivity and growth.

By bringing together diverse research backgrounds and complementary expertise in areas such as project management, geospatial science, mechanical engineering, minerals and resource engineering, electrical engineering, construction and more, we can deliver tangible benefits to organisations, governments and communities worldwide.

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What we do

Energy capture, storage and conversion capabilities

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning to increase automation

Finding solutions to reduce building energy emissions and embodied energy

Management of separating minerals

Inspiring young talent through project-based PhD opportunities is another way that we work with industry to support thought leadership and address the complex problems of our partners. Our researchers and students work with industry on a variety of projects, including:

  • Developing new technology to improve the recovery and grade of minerals 
  • Adopting virtual reality to create new ways of experiencing mineral prospecting and exploration
  • Helping the mining industry to solve a $30 billion wear and tear problem by extending the life of drilling components  
  • Co-developing a driver advice system that calculates the most efficient way to complete a journey
  • Constructing a framework for mining companies to develop Aboriginal engagement strategies and reconciliation action plans.

With expert researchers and state-of-the-art facilities, we have the capabilities to work with partners on a range of sector-related challenges and opportunities.   

Our partners

At UniSA, we match our research strengths and capability with the demands and opportunities of our partners, and maximise the mutual benefits of engagement.

TTG Transportation
AMIRA International
CCT energy storage
Boart Longyear
Centrex Metals

Hear from our partners and staff

UniSA is a globally connected university, collaborating with more than 2,500 companies worldwide. Hear from our partners and staff about their collaborations and engagement.

“Through our collaboration with UniSA, we have been able to showcase our technology to new customers and prove just how good it is. The university has been able to expand its capabilities and generate industry relevant outputs and engagements, which helps the sector as a whole.”

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Dr Thomas Schläfer

Engineering Manager, R&D

Dr Thomas Schläfer

Engineering Manager, R&D

“The world is evolving faster than it ever has. With a smart and dedicated TTG and UniSA team, we will continue to maintain a heightened level of curiosity and focus on how we improve technology capability to drive sustainability in transport.”

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Ben Dvoracek

Managing Director of ANZ Rail
TTG and Trapeze

Ben Dvoracek

Managing Director of ANZ Rail
TTG and Trapeze

“Through the collaboration with Prof Garg’s team of researchers at UniSA, we have together invented something of great direct benefit to horses, and secondarily to their owners, worldwide. The unmet clinical needs we are endeavouring to solve are all very challenging – they have never been solved before.”

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Dr Stephen Page

Head of Product Development
Luoda Pharma

Dr Stephen Page

Head of Product Development
Luoda Pharma

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2018 ARC Engagement and Impact Assessment (EI), Combined Impact – Approach to Impact and Engagement on Assessed



2023 THE Young University Rankings – Industry Income Indicator.



UniSA’s Engineering research rated well above world-class – 2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)



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2018 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), 4-digit Fields of Research.

Partner case studies

Energy efficient, on-time trains

Software developed by UniSA and industry partners TTG and Modaxo uses information about a train, its route, and schedule to calculate efficient driving strategies and advise drivers when to accelerate and brake to ensure they arrive on time with minimum energy use.

The software, trademarked as Energymiser, is now on trains across the UK, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, China, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, saving rail companies up to 20 per cent of their energy costs. 

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The world is evolving faster than it ever has. With a smart and dedicated TTG and UniSA team, we will continue to maintain a heightened level of curiosity and focus on how we improve technology capability to drive sustainability in transport.

Ben Dvoracek, Managing Director of ANZ Rail at TTG and Trapeze

Laser coating machinery for longevity

Minerals processing machinery is expensive and endures extreme levels of erosion, corrosion, and wear and tear induced by repetitive impact. Shutdowns for repairs and maintenance of equipment can cost more than $100,000 for every hour of downtime.

Australian surface engineering company, LaserBond, and UniSA’s specialist Coatings Research Group at the Future Industries Institute, are developing some of the world’s most resilient minerals processing equipment through the use of composite coatings and laser cladding. 

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“We strongly believe that collaborations between industry and universities are vital in increasingly competitive and globalised markets. Such projects give LaserBond access to expertise and facilities that would be impossible to develop in-house. Co-funding models help us benefit from every R&D dollar and allow us to innovate and stay competitive in a global market.”

Dr Thomas Schläfer, Engineering Manager, R&D, LaserBond

Explore our research

As Australia’s University of Enterprise, our research centres work closely with industry on projects that deliver improvements in energy, resources and mining. 

Experts in energy, resources & mining

Meet our researchers and learn about how they are working towards solving industry and partner challenges.

My research encompasses the engineering of surfaces via the application of thin film coatings for use in the optical, automotive, defence, mining and renewable energy sectors. I spent the first decade of my working life in private industry and I still have to this day, retain a great passion for helping industry innovate.

Working in partnership with the Malaysian Automotive and IOT Institute (MARii), my research team and I are investigating commercialisation opportunities for an environmentally tough and durable coating that reflects sunlight’s heat. This technology has broad applications on vehicle, bus, train and household windows, where it helps reduce energy consumption through the need to run air conditioners less.

Professor Peter Murphy
Director, Future Industries Institute


Professor Peter Murphy
Director, Future Industries Institute

I have a passion for researching cutting edge science to develop high-tech products from advanced materials in partnership with industry. With a focus on research that improves the performance and manufacturability of coating materials, my team and I worked with Sentek Pty Ltd to develop a sensor probe for real-time in-ground assessment of fertiliser levels. It brings together advanced electrically conducting polymers with Sentek’s proprietary sensor products. This can help farmers maintain the most desirable fertiliser levels for effective soil management.

Professor Drew Evans


Professor Drew Evans

My research focuses on the global issue of decreasing metal inventory coupled with increasing demand, particularly with respect to exploration for copper and gold. Together with colleagues from MinExCRC, we are working with numerous industry partners including CSIRO, Anglo American and Sandvik to develop a sensor that will collect near real-time geochemical data within a drill hole. This will provide data a lot quicker than traditional methods. Access to data earlier in the drilling process will inform mineral exploration drilling and increase the chances of successful intersection of a mineral system.

Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy


Associate Professor Caroline Tiddy

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UniSA offers a range of bachelor, master, PhD and Executive Education programs in science and engineering that align to the sector’s needs in developing and transforming its future workforce.

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