Mary Patetsos is a professional Board Director, serving on both National, and South Australian Boards with a blend of academic qualifications and expertise. Her skills and experience combined with an extensive national network enable her to add significant value to organisations at many levels. In particular, her commitment to achieve positive experiences for people drives her ambition. She contends that given the right levers, people, mostly, want to achieve. This, linked with a strong belief in the worthiness of learning and work, have become her key motivators.
Mary started her career as a case worker in a large public hospital; today she sits on the Board of key public and not for profit organisations. While her responsibilities have changed she has never lost sight of her primary goal, to provide the right environment for people to achieve their best.

Working across private, government and community sectors, her Board appointments demand high levels of expertise in the economic, infrastructure, social and health drivers. In particular, Mary has a sound understanding of the factors affecting growth and prosperity of Adelaide, its regions and beyond.

Her specific skills include audit and financial analysis particularly within Housing, Local Government and Aged Care; cultural diversity, including engagement with refugee and indigenous communities; and Federal grants allocation to meet infrastructure and community needs of Local Government across the state including rural, regional and remote areas in South Australia.

Her other interests extend to the sustainability and viability of not for profit organisations.
Funds and assets administered across her portfolios areas is over $1 billion per annum. Importantly, and at all times she believes that the administration of public funds is a critical responsibility that requires the strictest discipline, scrutiny and accountability.