Dr Paul Willis is a respected leader in the science community and is Director of RiAus the national science hub which promotes public awareness and understanding of science.

Dr Willis has a background in vertebrate palaeontology, studying the fossils of crocodiles and other reptiles. He also has an extensive career in science communication working for the ABC on TV programs such as Catalyst and Quantum as well as radio and online. He's written books and articles on dinosaurs, fossils and rocks. Now, as Director of RiAus, he's finding new ways to engage the people of Australia with the science that underpins their world.

Dr Willis has a solid research career in vertebrate palaeontology, and has the distinction of having discovered a number of significant vertebrate fossil specimens, including a small dinosaur and a large ichthyosaur. He has led eight public expeditions to Antarctica, authored and co-authored seven books on dinosaurs, rocks and fossils and authored many popular articles on science subjects across a wide range of topics.