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FII Seminar Series 2022

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2022
11:00am - 12:00pm
Room: GP1-08

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Seminar by Dr Bryn Short

Bioinformatics and biofilms: where the complex meets the complex

Fungi are ubiquitous throughout the environment and the human body and are in constant ‘talks’ with other organisms which can have implications on disease outcome. In recent years our understanding of fungal biofilms has increased and we are more aware of biofilm heterogeneity throughout this kingdom. With the ever-increasing accessibility to next generation sequencing technologies, our ability to delve deeper into the world of fungal biofilms has increased in tandem. With this increased knowledge we are now more aware of the importance of fungi within disease biology and how they interact within a complex biofilm environment. This talk will give an overview of fungal biofilm heterogeneity, it’s impact on infections, how fungi respond to external factors within these sessile communities and finally, how bioinformatics can be used to improve one the development of relevant, multi-species and interkingdom biofilm models.