Blog entries posted during May 2014

The Budget

5/15/2014 by:

Isn’t it strange how sometimes you know the news you are about to receive is going to be bad, but you still hope against hope that it won’t be? Perhaps that says more about the eternal optimism of humanity than it does about our ability for ration...

Demanding Times

5/2/2014 by:

The Kemp Norton review of the demand driven system makes interesting and sometimes intriguing reading. It presents a fairly pragmatic proposed solution for a seemingly insoluble conundrum. How do you sustain a government funded demand driven syste...

Interesting times!

5/2/2014 by:

Since my last posting we've enjoyed back to back long weekends, but that hasn't impacted on the momentum of UniSA or indeed the external drivers of the sector. What a couple of weeks it has been. We've had the release of the Kemp Norton review of...