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If you are interested in studying overseas whilst contributing to developing Australia’s relationship with the Indo Pacific region, the New Colombo Plan could be for you.


UniSA’s NCP Scholarship winners


Bianca Hoffrichter, Bachelor of Visual Art (Photography), 2018 NCP 

Host university: RMIT University, Ho Chi Minh City

Winner of a New Colombo Plan Fellowship (as the highest ranking scholar to travel to Vietnam), she will be packing up her cameras and heading to RMIT University in Ho Chi Minh City, where she hopes to hone her technical skills in digital photography and computer processing, at the same time as gaining invaluable cross-cultural experiences'.

No stranger to Vietnam, she says it is one of the most vibrant, energetic places she has ever been. Bianca says she is strongly drawn to the Indo-Pacific region because of its particular arts traditions.

The NCP Fellowship will also allow her to complete an artist residency near Hanoi and in a reciprocal learning arrangement during the Fellowship, she will also run workshops and discussions around her own techniques, which include crossing photography and painting mediums, and working with installations. She also plans to engage with some not-for-profit arts organisations while she is in Vietnam.

Bianca Hoffrichter Bianca Hoffrichter, Orphic 2017

Hannah Kemp, Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management) and Bachelor of Business (Marketing), 2017 NCP

Host university: Sookmyung Women’s University, Korea

For her New Colombo Plan Scholarship Hannah decided to further explore her love of South Korea that started on a two week Tourism and Event Management NCP Mobility Study Tour in February 2016. In the vibrant city of Seoul she has studied Korean in the famous district of Gangnam and continued her university education in the Division of Culture and Tourism at Sookmyung Women's University.

Continuing on in Korea in 2018, Hannah is currently interning with ANZA (Australian and New Zealand Association) in an event management role, and is looking forward to being one of the 1200 volunteers chosen to participate in the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in February. With the amazing experiences that the New Colombo Plan has enabled her to have, Hannah's passion for tourism, events and marketing, and creating relationships between Asian-Pacific countries and Australia has only grown, and she looks forward to using the inter-cultural skills she has gained in her future career.

Hannah Kemp Hannah Kemp

David Sidwell, Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing and Communication), 2016 NCP Round

Host university: Sogang University, South Korea

Internship: aiming to secure an internship with NCSoft

David Sidwell moved to Korea in February 2016 as part of the NCP Scholarship program and is studying Korean language alongside his university studies at Sogang University. David is aiming to work in the interactive media industry and is keen to utilise his NCP internship opportunity to gain exposure in South Korea’s progressive online gaming industry.

David Sidwell David Sidwell

Gemma Clancy, Bachelor of Management (Marketing), 2016 NCP Round

Host university: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Internship: QBE Hong Kong

Gemma moved to Hong Kong in January 2016 to study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and has secured an internship with QBE Hong Kong to work in their Human Resources and Marketing departments. Gemma won an Ehrenberg Scholarship with UniSA and is a Research Assistant at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science. While in Hong Kong, Gemma was selected for the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Forum and the Marketing and Communications Director of the Hong Kong Chapter of the Australia-China Youth Association. Gemma is keen to mobilise her connections and experiences in Hong Kong in her future career

See Gemma’s blog at

Gemma Clancy Gemma Clancy and Mui Wo

Lucinda Thurmer, Bachelor of Arts (Communication and Media Management), 2016 NCP Round

Host university: Chung Ang University, South Korea

Internship: Six month internship in the communications team of QBE Insurance in Hong Kong

Lucinda commenced her studies in Seoul at Chung Ang University for five months. She chose South Korea because of her interest in the country’s dynamic culture, language and unique alphabet system and hearing glowing reviews from other students who had completed their exchange in Korea. Lucinda had the opportunity to participate in a part-time internship with the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Korea.

Now, halfway through a Communications Internship at QBE in Hong Kong, Lucinda has been working in a team that oversees the communication strategies in countries all over the Asia-Pacific.

Being awarded an NCP scholarship, Lucinda describes as a great honour and privilege. For all the challenges of moving to a new place, it has opened up new countries and cultures, incredible career advancement and friendships. Lucinda states: “Being an NCP scholar has nothing short of changed my life.”

Lucinda Thurmer Lucinda Thurmer

Tom Engelhardt, Bachelor of Journalism and Bachelor of International Relations, 2016 NCP Round

Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

Internship: Asian Football Confederation’s media department, plus aiming to secure an additional internship with a Malaysian media outlet

Tom is a touring musician and came to university after several years in the work force. He is studying for a Bachelors double degree in Journalism and International Relations. Tom will arrive in Kuala Lumpur in June 2016 to undertake an internship with the Asian Football Confederation’s media department, before studying at the University of Malaya from August. He will then use his NCP scholarship to further extend his professional international experience with another internship at a Malaysian media outlet.

Tom Engelhardt

Michael Dyer, Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (Honours), 2016 NCP Round

Host university: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Internship: NatureFiji-MareqetiViti, IUCN and Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation

Michael Dyer undertook his honours project in Fiji in 2016 at the University of the South Pacific, supervised by Prof. Boehmer, the Head of School of Geography, Earth Science and Environment. He has also completed an internship at Nature Fiji – Mareqeti Viti, focusing on bat conservation and tropical plant pollination on islands.

Michael is currently the Coastal and Marine Assistant in the Division of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SREP) in Samoa. He is working on a wetland inventory update and is developing a Marine Spatial Planning framework for the Pacific nations and SREP member countries (21 countries in the Pacific).

NCP winner Michael Michael Dyer

Georgia Johnson, Bachelor of Marketing and Communications, 2016 NCP Round

Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

Internship: Microsoft Malaysia

Georgia Johnson is an aspiring international marketing professional and is a seasoned traveller and leader. Within recent years, Georgia has assisted in the set up of a charity in rural India, undertook a semester exchange in the Netherlands moved to Malaysia in August 2016Georgia is continuing her marketing studies at the University of Malaya, whilst undertaking her blue-sky internship with Microsoft Malaysia. 

Georgia Johnson NCP winner, Georgia Johnson

Michelle Howie, Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communications), 2015 NCP Round Korean Fellow

Host university: Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea

Internship: Telstra Hong Kong

Michelle Howie was awarded the honour of being the inaugural Korean Fellow of the New Colombo Plan in 2015. After immersing herself in Korean language and culture during her studies at KAIST, Korea's most prestigious science and technology institute, she was offered an internship in Network Services at Telstra's International headquarters in Hong Kong. Michelle is looking forward to building on the professional and personal connections she’s made in Korea and Hong Kong as she pursues a career in electronics and communications, striving to create a globally connected future.

Follow the adventure on Michelle's blog at
UniSA NCP scholarship recipient lands in Hong Kong

Michelle Howie Michelle Howie

Mitchell Francis, Bachelor of Construction Management & Economics, 2015 NCP Round

Host university: University of Malaya, Malaysia

Internship: Lendlease KL

Mitchell Francis continued his Construction Management and Economics studies at the University of Malaya during 2015, then was successful in winning an internship with Lendlease, working on a multi-billion dollar construction project in Kuala Lumpur. Mitchell has made the most of the opportunities offered through the high profile support of the Australian High Commission, networking with CEOs of multinationals, playing sport with company owners, and travelling widely throughout the region. Mitchell is passionate about the amazing experiences he’s gained through the New Colombo Plan and wants all Australian undergraduates to have the same opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Mitchell Francis Mitchell Francis

Anthony Randell, Bachelor of Environmental Sciences, 2015 NCP Round

Host university: University of the South Pacific, Fiji

Internship: NatureFiji-MareqetiViti

Anthony Randell studied Environmental Sciences at the University of the South Pacific during 2015, before undertaking an internship with Nature Fiji. Anthony’s dream career involves combining scientific field work with community engagement and this is exactly the experience his NCP Scholarship gave him. Anthony came to UniSA through Tafe studies, and with hard work and persistence he is now achieving great success. Without the scholarship Anthony would not have been able to go to Fiji and he is thankful for the NCP for his new-found awareness, knowledge, as well as a wealth of new experiences and connections in Fiji.

Anthony Randell and friend Anthony Randell

Nellie Blitz, Bachelor of International Relations, 2014 Pilot NCP Round

Host university: Hong Kong University

Internship: Institute for Women’s Empowerment, Hong Kong

Nellie Blitz was UniSA’s first New Colombo Plan scholar and undertook her studies at Hong Kong University in 2015, before an internship with the Institute for Women’s Empowerment of Hong Kong. Nellie has since completed her studies at UniSA and is consolidating the skills and experiences she gained from an NCP Scholarship in her chosen field.

Nellie Blitz

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