UniSA is proud to play a key role in Australia's biggest investment in space industry R&D. Headquartered in South Australia, but with a network of national and global partners, the new Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Satellite Technologies and Analytics (SmartSat CRC) aims to lift Australia’s space industry to $12 billion and generate an extra 20,000 jobs by 2030. 

As one of the most significant space industry research concentrations in Australia, the SmartSat CRC will create game-changing technologies and develop know-how that will make our industries more competitive and future-proof the jobs of all Australians. The SmartSat CRC Research agenda focuses on three critical areas:

  • Program 1: Advanced Communications, Connectivity & IOT Technologies
  • Program 2: Advanced Satellite Systems, Sensors and Intelligence
  • Program 3: Next Generation Earth Observation Data Services

SmartSat CRC will focus on transforming the following industries:

  • Agriculture and farming
  • Mining and natural resources
  • Defence & Security
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Telecommunications
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The SmartSat CRC R&D program is focused on developing advanced space technologies and space related data to help:

  • Improve communications for all Australians
  • Monitor and protect the environment
  • Enhance our understanding of climate change
  • Protect our borders and communication systems
  • Cultivate new businesses
  • Create export economic value
  • Generate new high-tech jobs
  • Underpin the progress of new industries.

Developed in collaboration with nearly 100 partners, including 40 space start-ups as well as international collaborators such as the Australian Space Agency and the Department of Defence, SmartSAT CRC is reenergising Australia's satellite communications expertise and capacity, allowing us to make a global impact in the space economy.

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SmartSat partners

UniSA and Nova Systems are proud to be core partners in the SmartSat CRC program. View all industry, research and government partners below.

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  • Industry partners minus-thick plus-thick

    Airbus Defence and Space Limited (UK)

    Akuna Consulting Pty Ltd

    Argsen Pty

    Asset Institute

    BAE Systems

    Centre for Space Science Technology

    CyberOps Pty Ltd

    Dassault Systemes

    Delta-V Newspace Alliance Pty Ltd

    DEWC Systems Pty Ltd

    Digital Content Analysis Technology Pty Ltd

    EM Solutions


    Equatorial Launch Australia

    Fleet Space

    FluroSat Pty Ltd

    Fusetec 3D Pty Ltd

    Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd

    Harris Communications (Australia) Pty Ltd

    lmpulse Technologies GmbH

    Ibatex Consulting

    Inovor Technologies Pty Ltd

    Jarmyn Enterprise Space

    Lyrebird Antenna Research Pty Ltd


    Melbourne Space Program Ltd

    Myriota Pty Ltd

    Nano Thermal Technologies

    Neumann Space

    Northrop Grumman Australia

    Nova Systems

    Optus Satellite Network Pty Ltd

    Ozius Pty Ltd

    Palamir Pty Ltd

    Picosat Systems Pty Ltd

    Quintessencelabs Pty Ltd

    Rice Satcom Pty Ltd

    Saab Australia Pty Ltd

    Saber Astronautics Australia Pty Ltd

    SCISYS Deutschland GmbH

    Selex ES Australia Pty Ltd (Leonardo)

    Shoal Engineering Pty Ltd

    Sintelix Pty Ltd

    SITAEL Australia Pty Ltd


    Solinnov Pty Ltd

    Southern Launch

    Space Machines Company Pty Ltd

    Spatial Information Systems Research Ltd (trading as FrontierSI)

    Stamen Engineering Pty Ltd (trading as Industrial Sciences Group)

    Starmaster Technologies Pty Ltd

    Terra Digitalis Pty Ltd

    Thales Australia Limited

    Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Inc.


    X-Lab Ventures Pty Ltd

  • Research partners minus-thick plus-thick

    Australian National University


    Curtin University

    Deakin University

    Flinders University

    La Trobe University

    Macquarie University

    Queensland University of Technology

    Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

    Swinburne University

    The University of Adelaide

    The University of Queensland

     Universite de Bretagne Occidentale

    University College London

    University of New South Wales

    University of South Australia

    University of Sydney

    University Of Western Australia

    Western Sydney University 


  • Government partners minus-thick plus-thick

    ACT Government 

    Defence SA 

    WA Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation

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