Network Inquiry: Trialing Evaluation Tools and Protocols for Producing Evidence of Impact with a focus on literacy

Project Team:

Partner Researchers:

  • Ms Anna Mirasgentis, Catholic Education
  • Mr Tony Hole, Catholic Education

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Of interest to leaders and teachers within schools in the Catholic North Western Community (CNCW) network are ways in which it is possible to provide evidence of the impact of teaching and learning in literacy in school settings.

The following concerns are of particular interest to the schools in the CNWC network.

In this project we will demonstrate:

  •  The effective use of data to show students learning
  •  The development of meaningful benchmarks
  • The capacity of data to inform pedagogy.

The proposed research project will trial the design evaluation of data collection tools and protocols to inform the production and analysis of evidence with a focus on literacy.

Each school will identify a school-based inquiry project that will contribute to a collaborative inquiry approach.

The Partner Organisations are: