Children learning to live together in a diverse community: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Reggio Emilia inspired Early Learning Settings

Two little girls of different background smile at each other holding books.The aim of this project is to examine how educators enact culturally responsive pedagogy in South Australian Early Learning settings engaging with Reggio Emilia education principles. Specifically this will entail a multi-sited action research project in four Early Learning Sites augmented by analysis of policy texts, and additional evidence about site structures and culture. The project will develop an Australian theory for early childhood culturally responsive pedagogy that draws on International and Australian Indigenous Studies, Reggio Emilia studies, New Pedagogy Studies, and new empirical work in educational settings.

The partner organisations are:


The Department for Education South Australia

Final report - Bringing culturally responsive pedagogies and Reggio Emilia education principles into dialogue. Children learning to live together in diverse communities.