UniSA Research Awards 2021 – Nominees

Research Excellence Category

Higher Degree by Research Candidate Award

  • Lisa Matricciani, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
  • Tahlia Meola, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Kathryn Stephenson, UniSA Business
  • Dr Sahar Soltani, UniSA Creative
  • Sarah McDonald, UniSA Education Futures
  • Dimitrios Saredakis, UniSA Justice & Society
  • Mohammed Mahmoud, UniSA STEM/FII

Early-Career Researcher Award

  • Dr Janet Sluggett, Senior Research Fellow, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
  • Dr Zac Anesbury, Research Fellow, UniSA Business
  • Dr Renly Lim, Research Fellow, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Dr Damian Madigan, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, UniSA Creative
  • Dr Srecko Joksimovic, Senior Lecturer, UniSA Education Futures
  • Dr Michele Jarldorn, Lecturer, UniSA Justice & Society
  • Dr Laura Morrissey, ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher, FII, UniSA STEM/FII
  • Dr Nerida Chazal, Online Course Facilitator, UniSA Online

Mid-Career Researcher Award

  • Dr Bec Perry, Senior Lecturer, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
  • Dr Akshay Vij, Senior Research Fellow, UniSA Business
  • Dr Vijay Suppiah, Senior Lecturer in Pharmacy, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Dr Jane Andrew, Director, Match Studio, UniSA Creative
  • Dr Lesley-Anne Ey, Senior Lecturer, UniSA Education Futures
  • Associate Professor Amanda Hutchinson, Associate Professor in Psychology (Clinical), UniSA Justice & Society
  • Dr Belinda Chiera, Deputy Director UniSA Industrial AI Research Centre and Senior Lecturer Statistics, UniSA STEM/FII

Senior-Career Researcher Award

  • Professor Carol Maher, Professor of Population and Digital Health, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
  • Professor Carol Tilt, Professor in Financial Accounting, UniSA Business
  • Professor Janna Morrison, Professor of Physiology, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Professor Ning Gu, Professor of Architecture, UniSA Creative
  • Associate Professor Simon Leonard, Associate Professor: STEM Education, UniSA Education Futures
  • Professor David Gleaves, Professor of Psychology (Clinical), UniSA Justice & Society
  • Professor Allison Cowin, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Professor of Regenerative Medicine at FII, UniSA STEM/FII

Professional Research Excellence Category

Up to HEO Level 7 Award

  • Deb Williams, Team Leader: Academic Services (Research), UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
  • Ben Noll, Senior Technical Officer: Medicinal Chemistry/Senior Technical Officer, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Dushie Lalic, Academic Services Officer (Research), UniSA Education Futures
  • Shiller Peirawan, Academic Services Officer (Research), UniSA Justice & Society
  • Amanda Johnston, Project Coordinator; IVE and Space Studies, UniSA STEM/FII

HEO Level 8 and above

  • Kellie La Fontaine, Institute Manager, UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences/CCB
  • Sam Goodred, General Manager, UniSA Creative
  • Dr Jim O'Hehir, General Manager, Forest Research Mount Gambier Campus, UniSA STEM/FII

Team Award Category

  • Rosemary Bryant AO Research Centre Team, Professor Marion Eckert, Director, RBRC and Professor of Cancer Nursing; Professor Adrian Esterman, Professor of Biostatistics; Professor Carol Grech, Emeritus Professor; Professor Eileen Webb, Professor of Law, Law and Society, UniSA; Mr Greg Sharplin, Research and Strategy Manager, Senior Research Fellow, RBRC; Ms Laura McCarthy, Personal Assistant, RBRC; Dr Micah Peters, Senior Research Fellow, RBRC; Dr Nadia Corsini, Senior Research Fellow, RBRC; Ms Pam Adelson, Research Fellow, RBRC; Dr Rebecca Sharp, Lecturer in Nursing, CHS; Dr Julie Fleet, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, CHS; Dr Imogen Ramsey, Research Fellow, RBRC; Mr Casey Marnie, Research Assistant, RBRC; on behalf of all RBRC members, inclusive of CHS Members, Adjuncts, Affiliates and Students, UniSA Clinical and Health Sciences/CCB
  • NTRO Development Group, Girish Chauhan, Manager, Student Information Systems; Chantel Griffen, Project Business Analyst, ISTS; Lachlan Young, Coordinator, Discovery Services; Hazel Ryder, Senior Academic Support Officer (Creative); Jane Angel, Deputy Director, Library; Sean Boden, Coordinator: Library Information Systems; James Long, IT Application Administrator; Michael Crisp, Deputy Director, BIP; Tracy Quixley, Academic Librarian; Craig Batty, Dean of Research, UniSA Creative
  • Intergenerational refugee aspirations research team, Hannah Soong, Senior Lecturer; Rebecca Reid-Nguyen, Lecturer (retired); Heidi Hetz, Lecturer; David Radford, Senior Lecturer; Alison Wrench, Senior Lecturer; Bill Lucas, Senior Lecturer (retired), UniSA Education Futures
  • Team Extreme, Associate Professor Colin Hall, Management Lead and UniSA node leader of SEAM; Dr Christiane Schulz, SRF Technical lead, coating and corrosion expert; Minh Nguyen, Materials engineer; Dr Anthony Roccisano, ARAS ECR; Andre Hatem, PhD Student; Jonaet Ansari, PhD Student; Sukhpreet Kaur, ARA wear testing; Dr Mohammad Uddin, Senior Lecturer; Prof Nikki Stanford, Professor, mentor and metallurgy; Joanne Mielnik, administration, UniSA STEM/FII
  • RIS Wellness Team, Cath White, Administrative Officer; Jenni Critcher, Project Officer/Business Analyst; Carmen Holliday, Research Projects Management Officer; Gina Mincham, Grant Applications Support Officer, Research and Innovation Services

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