Islamic Studies Major & Minor

For all students undertaking their Undergraduate Degrees

The Major and Minor in Islamic Studies will provide students with a deeper understanding of several areas related to Islam and Muslims in historical and contemporary settings. The areas of interest include: history of Islam and the birth of new civilisations; foundation of Islam and its teachings; Islamic law and its relationship with issues such as democracy, human rights, and radicalism; Islamic contribution to intellectual & scientific thought, international relations,  Arabic language and Islamic and Eastern origins of Western civilisation. Students are expected to develop intellectual skills in understanding the nexus between traditional Islam and contemporary realities, modern manifestations and transformations within the body politic of Islam and new themes and trends that are shaping the modern Muslim experience. The study of these courses can enhance career opportunities in media, politics, foreign affairs, and education. The courses are online, and the contents are designed in a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes for easy engagement with course coordinators and to meet your academic expectations. Students can choose to take the courses as Major, Minor or single electives.  

"I was able to expand my knowledge on my religion specifically whilst also gaining a broader insight into narratives of history and politics that are often marginalized, rather than just learning about the impact of the West."  Madina Ahmet, Education Student

  • Understanding Islam
  • Islamic Civilisations
  • Islamic Law
  • Islam and Global Politics
  • Arabic Level 1A
  • Eastern Origins of Western Civilisations
  • Intercultural Communication
  • World History Trends and Transformations