01 November 2022

Over August and September, CITE/ UniSA members, Dr Nadeem Memon, and Mr Dylan Chown, led a 3-part webinar series themed “Religious Responsivity” as part of the Australian Curriculum Studies Associations Webinars 2022.

The first webinar featured a discussion facilitated by Dylan with Emeritus Professor Rob Hattam (UniSA) and Dr Nadeem Memon (CITE/UniSA); Prof Hattam spoke about post-secular societies and implications for being responsive to religious identities of learners, and Dr Nadeem spoke on going beyond equity and inclusion of religions identities and toward culturally and religiously responsive pedagogies.

  1. NB. Both Prof Hattam and Dr Memon are currently part of a UniSA ARC team exploring “Culturally Responsive Schooling”.

Webinar 1: Where does Religion fit in public schooling's commitment to equity? (Panel)

The second webinar focused on national perspectives on religious responsivity: educator case studies and featured long serving former school leader Ms Meredith Edwards and teacher educator and researcher, Dr Sam Schultz (University of Adelaide).

Webinar 2: https://www.acsa.edu.au/pages/webinars/2022/RR2.mp4

 The Third webinar focused on international perspectives on religious responsivity: educator case studies and featured rich discussion with an esteemed panel around commitments to equity in public schooling and responsivity to religious identities of learners. The panel included Dr Amaarah DeCuir (US), Jeewan Chanicka (Canada), and Dr Samah Gamar (Qatar).

Webinar 3: https://www.acsa.edu.au/pages/webinars/2022/RR3_Sep_2022.mp4