19 July 2019

On 13 and 14 July 2019, CITE held its 4th Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference: Islamic Schooling Renewal: A Focus on Social Justice. The conference and forum was held at University of Melbourne, Australia. Speakers and attendees came from across Australia and the keynote addressees were from Malaysia, New Zealand and USA.

The purpose of the annual conference and forum was to explore and share research on issues related to Islamic schooling in Western contexts, to showcase the work of educators in Islamic schools, to network with others who believe in the power and necessity of such work, and to learn from one another how best to enhance teaching and learning in diverse Islamic schooling contexts.

Highlights from this conference and forum included the Keynote speakers such as Professor Syed Farid Alatas, Professor of Socialogy, National University of Singapore,  Professor Stephen Dobson, Dean, Faculty of Education, Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand), and Ms Afeefa Syded, Research Associate, Cambridge University's Institute on Religion and Global Affairs.  Academics, researchers, community leaders, eductors and teachers presented their rich experiences and research with the participants.

The conference and forum was GREEN this year, keeping in mind the environment in all aspects of organising the event.

Program Booklet with abstracts and bios of presenters (view or download PDF)

Welcome and Opening of Conference and Forum

Keynote Addresses

Keynote Address 1#

"The Social Dimension of Justice in Islam: The contribution of Theology" Professor Syed Farid Alatas

Keynote Address 2#

"The most important demand placed on all education?" Professor Stephen Dobson

Keynote Address 3#

"Whosoever sees an injustice... Teaching Social Justice in Islamic Schools" Ms Afeefa Syeed


Conference Session 1

"Turning Points: A key to understanding persistent bullying and implications for promoting social justice in faith-based educational contexts" Dr Deborah Green and Assoc. Professor Deborah Price

Conference Session 5

"Toward Socially Just Parent Engagement in Islamic Schools: Analysing Texts for Cross Currents" Assoc. Professor Susan Nichols and Dr Nadeem Memon

"Elitism and Barriers to Schooling: Are Australian Islamic Schools trending towards such Inequitable Behaviour?" Dr Mahmood Nathie

Forum C

"Whole-school Approaches to Eco-Justice and Sustainable Practice"  Ms Samah Taki

Forum D

"Case study: Contextualising Mental Health First Aid in Islamic Schools - A focus on Social Justice"  Mr Ziyad Serhan

Forum G

"Unbreakable: Social Justice Through Emotional Resilience" Ms Kathryn Jone

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