19 March 2019

UniSA’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education condemns

Savage murder in Christchurch

Director of UniSA’s Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, Professor Mohamad Abdalla says the cold-blooded murder of 49 people and the injuring of many more in two mosques in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 is horrendous, unspeakable and inhuman.

“This is a crime against humanity - it cannot be justified and must be condemned in the strongest terms,” Prof Abdalla says.

“We feel deeply for the families of the victims and offer them our heartfelt condolences”.

“We stand with them, and pray for their strength in these difficult times.”

Prof Abdalla says the murder of so many innocent people by a right-wing terrorist and white supremacist betrays the values we all cherish.

Prof Abdalla says the murder of any person, Muslim or non-Muslim is reprehensible and defies all religious teachings.

“Murder is a crime and a sin of the highest order, and must be condemned,” he says.

“The cold-blooded killing of any human being is a sign of moral and spiritual depravity.”

“Unfortunately, we know it is often fuelled by hate-mongering and racist rhetoric, so we need to do everything to resist that kind of hate wherever we find it.”

“Actions such as the Christchurch killing can only be seen as callous homicide, but we must not allow it to divide us”.

“We are heartened to see people from all backgrounds stand united against this attack.”

“We must break the cycle of hate, condemn it, and not fall into extremists’ agendas that seeks to divide our nations on religious and sectarian rhetoric,” Prof Abdalla says.

More information about the Centre and its goals is available here.

Contact Details: Professor Mohamad Abdalla Mohamad.abdalla@unisa.edu.au