21 October 2021

CITE is excited about the growth of our Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education) - a program based on Islamic Pedagogy, for Islamic school educators. With a growing number of graduates leaving the program as “torch bearers” of Islamic Pedagogy, and currently educators enrolled across 5 States in Australia, 2021 saw the first Islamic school educator from New Zealand enter the program. In New Zealand, there are at present two Islamic schools, and a great opportunity for further collaboration, as “southern hemisphere cousins”, to work together within the field of Islamic schooling. We thought it would be fitting to introduce and share news of our first enrollee from New Zealand, as well as the context of her school, in a short interview below.

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Reem Ayyub, I’m a Palestinian kiwi teacher living in Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve had a beautiful journey from teaching in a mosque, to teaching short courses on understanding Islam, to being part of the establishment of Iqra School, the second primary school in the whole of New Zealand.

Q. What can you share with us about Iqra School?

Iqra was established in 2016. It began from humble beginnings, with dedicated and inspiring individuals from all walks of life. Together, we all shared a dream for our kids and our community and worked day and night to achieve it. Iqra aspires to be a leading Islamic school, providing future generations with a true holistic vision for Islamic education. 

Q. How does it feel to be the first educator in the program from New Zealand?

AlhmduleAllah, I feel humbled to be the first to hold this transformational certificate, I hope it will continue to inspire and transform educators in the field from New Zealand and around the world.

Q. What was the impetus for you joining the program?

Islamic pedagogy has always been something that inspired me. In teacher education programs you always get to deepen your understanding beyond educational content. Unfortunately, there is a lack of teacher education programmes with an Islamic pedagogy focus. I really wanted to gain a deeper understanding of it for myself, my students, and my school. 

Q. How are you finding the program?

I’m finding the program inspiring and transformational - it’s tailored to our needs as educators and our own personal challenges, which makes it very practical and reflexive. It’s not the kind of course that you can do and put aside, it captures your mind and ignites the beginning of a whole new journey. I aspire that Allah continue to use us at Iqra to educate learners and lead the way in teaching holistically from an Islamic lens and within an Islamic paradigm. 

Q. What would you say to others interested in the program?

Do it! There is nothing more valuable than beneficial knowledge. I have seen and felt the effect that this program has had on me and my colleagues, in both our professional and personal lives.