23 February 2021

Ms Eman Aweida

Earlier this year, Ms Eman Aweida was recognised as the inaugural graduate of the Graduate Diploma in Education (Islamic Education) at the Centre for Islamic Thought & Education, University of South Australia.This special occasion marked a significant personal milestone and accomplishment for Ms Eman, as it did for our Centre, having launched the first post-graduate degree programs for Islamic education, based on Islamic Pedagogy, in 2018. The first Western higher education accredited programs of their kind - globally – fostering a foundation of philosophy of Islamic education and offering critical insights on what makes education in Islamic schools distinct within an Australian educational system.




Ms Eman is a valued middle leader at Irfan College, a K-12 Islamic school in Sydney, and joined the program in its first year, as an experienced mid-career educator. Through her learning journey in the program, and her grounding in Islamic Pedagogy as a foundation for practice, she has gone on to play a key role in an innovative educational project at her College around curriculum integration. A project that centres Islamic Pedagogy and that has seen Irfan College recognised among several leading Islamic schools internationally.

Mr Ali Arabaci, Principal and Ms Eman Aweida
Mr Ali Arabaci, Principal, Irfan Colleage & Ms Eman Aweida

Ms Eman now transitions as the first member of CITEs Alumni network, soon to be joined by a growing number of educators approaching graduation in the Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Education (Islamic Education) programs.
We offer our sincere congratulations to Ms Eman – Mabrook! We envision our graduates to be flagbearers of Islamic Pedagogy with a strong foundation in distinct educational practice for Australian Islamic schooling. Ms Eman is a most fitting inaugural graduate, Masha’Allah!

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