Mahmood NathieDr Mahmood Nathie

The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education would like to invite you to a monthly public lecture: Towards Understanding Islamic Finance

In this lecture Dr Nathie will trace the beginnings of Islamic finance from the earliest period of the Islamic civilisation. This covers its roots embedded in Islam’s sacred sources, The Qur’an and Hadith. Dr Nathie will explain the essence of early Islamic trade practices and how these were transformed over the centuries to their present-day format in banking and finance. Of significant interest is the legal and practical codification contribution in the development of Islamic finance by the Ottoman scholars that still exerts enormous influence in current Islamic finance practices. Dr Nathie will also cover some Islamic finance practices presently in vogue in Australia.

This lecture is tailored for an academic and non-academic audience. 

Cost FREE Public Lecture
Date Wednesday 3 May 2017
Time 6.30pm-8pm
Venue Magill Campus, C, Room C1-79
Refreshments provided
RSVP RSVP HERE to attend

To access the presentation slides, please click here. Please email Dr Mahmood Nathie if you have any questions relating to this presentation.