05 June 2018

TutorfulTutorful, is the United Kingdom's premiere online tuition marketplace with a huge base of over 500,000 unique visitors every month. Utilising a revolutionary algorithm they connect thousands of families every week with the very best tutor for them. Additionally, Tutorful carries out surveys on a regular basis, to provide the best educational advice to students, parents and tutors. 

In their most recent survey, Tutorful asked 60,000 parents, students and tutors who use their platform to recommend their favourite YouTube channels that benefit their Arabic day to day, or that spark their passion for the language and culture. After a tough selection process, Tutorful announced that “Arabic with Nadia (AWN)” was chosen to feature in their editorial.

The editorial is entitled: The Expert Guide to Learning Arabic: Tips and Tools for 2018, promoting the top learning tools and inspiring content for Arabic learners! was written by the Student Enrichment Editor Ms Rachael Sprague, and includes a list of the most useful Arabic resources available to learners of Arabic as well as many tips that can benefit learners in their journey of Arabic acquisition.

Arabic with NadiaIn describing “Arabic with Nadia (AWN)”, Ms Sprague noted that AWN, “takes a more scientific approach to teaching Arabic by utilizing the principles of Applied Linguistics” and emphasises that the videos provided through the AWN YouTube Channel “are a real joy to watch as Nadia uses animations, illustrations and interesting stories to convey the essentials of the language.”

To read this excellent editorial follow this permanent link: https://tutorful.co.uk/blog/a-guide-on-learning-arabic-expert-tips-and-tools