Post Event Updates - 3rd Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference: Islamic Schooling Renewal: A Focus on Pedagogy

On July 11-12, 2018 CITE held its 3rd Annual Australian Islamic Schooling Conference on the theme of Islamic Pedagogy. The conference was held at the beautiful Grand Stamford hotel overlooking the ocean front in Adelaide, South Australia. Speakers and attendees came from across Australia but also a number of delegates came from Indonesia, Brunei, UAE, Oman, and Canada. 

Highlights from the conference include welcome addresses by the The Honourable John Gardner MP, Minister of Education South Australia, Mr Nigel Relph, Deputy Vice Chancellor, UniSA, and Professor Stephen Dobson Head of School of Education, UniSA. Keynote addresses by Professor  Rob Hattam and Professor Lester-Irabinna Rigney set the stage on Day 1 by positioning the importance of Islamic Pedagogy within the broader educational priority of Culturally Responsive Pedagogy. Over the two days, critical issues of conceptualising Islamic pedagogy and discussing its implications on curriculum, teacher education, assessment, and the entire school ethos were addressed. Attendees departed rejuvenated with a deeper appreciation for the potential and possibilities of what Islamic pedagogy can look like in practice.

Program Booklet with abstracts and bios of presenters (view PDF)

Welcome addresses

Keynote Addresses

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Keynote address 1 - Towards a decolonising Australian Culturally Responsive Pedagogy?- Professors Lester-Irabinna Rigney and Rob Hattam

Keynote address 2 Islamic Pedagogy: Potential and Possibilities - Dr Nadeem Memon

Plennary Powerpoint Presentations

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Plenary Session 1 - Conceptualising Pedagogy

Conceptualising Pedagogy - Dr Nadeem Memon

Plenary Session 2 - Teacher Education, Professional Learning and Pedagogy

Teacher Formation for Islamic Education: The experience of Sultan Qaboos University -  Associate Professor Anke Iman Bouzenita and Dr Mohsin al-Salimi

Plenary Session 3A - Pedagogy: Problems and Potentials

Plenary Session 3B - Pedagogy: Problems and Potentials

Seeking an Integration of English and Islamic Studies; a Case of Islamic Schools in Australia - Mr Ozan Angin (Please not this presentation is not complete, as it is too big to imbed, please contact CITE if you wish to see the full version)

Emergence of Islamic student cultural identity through visual arts major works  - Ms Hanan Ismail

Plenary Session 4 - Islamic Pedagogy in Practice: Global Perspectives (i)

Plenary Session 5 - Leadership, Learning and Pedagogy

Leadership Learning and Pedagogy - Mrs Aynur Simsirel

Islamic Pedagogical Leadership: an Exploratory Framework - Dr Melanie Brooks

Plenary Session 6 - Pedagogies in Faith Contexts

Exploring Islamic Pedagory in an Australian Islamic School - Mr Dylan Chown

Catholic Religious Education - A Short Introduction - Mr Greg Bowyer

Plenary Session 7 - Tradition and Pedagogy

Perceptions of Pedagogy - Professor Glenn Hardaker

Assessment - Mr Muhammad Abdullah

Plenary Session 8A - Islamic Pedagogy in Practice: Global Perspectives (ii)

Plenary Session 8B - Islamic Pedagogy in Practice: Global Perspectives (ii)

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