29 August 2017

On the 25th of August Dylan Chown was invited to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (OLSH) College, Enfield to address 80 local staff and 20 school leaders from OLSH schools nationally at their in-service professional learning day. CITE enjoy a very positive relationship with Catholic Education SA and engagements like this are valuable mutually enriching experiences. Friend of the CITE, OLSH College principal, Ms Maria Urbano leads this special school community of which approximately 150 Muslim girls are members – almost one third of the student population. The focus of the in-service day was on understandings of children and childhood from both sociological and theological perspectives. Dylan addressed this theme from an Islamic perspective and discussed his experiences educating young Australian Muslims and what they describe as the richness of growing up as a Muslim in Australia as well as Muslim adolescents’ experience of alienation in Australian culture. With enormous synergy emanating from the presentation and discussion following, both OLSH and CITE expresses their desire for further collaboration.