Dylan ChownDylan Chown

The Centre for Islamic Thought and Education would like to invite you to the monthly public lecture Islamic Schooling in Australia – Origins, Contributions and Challenges.

The earliest Islamic schools in Australia were established some 35 years ago adding to the vibrancy and diversity of schooling in the country. Today, they represent some of the fastest growing schools in the Independent sector. Sadly, discussions around Islamic schooling have tended to be confined to controversy around governance and funding in a handful of schools or political posturing punctuated by the call for their closure, more often than not by commentators far removed and unaware of the realities within such schools. This has arguably overshadowed the fact that Islamic schools have relatively quickly negotiated the establishment phase in Australia and are entering an exciting and equally challenging period of renewal. Join us as we acknowledge milestones and successes, debunk common myths, explore visions, values and models and examine some of the challenges moving forward.

Dylan Chown is a Research Fellow and the Program Director for Islamic Education in the Centre for Islamic Thought and Education. Dylan has twenty years’ experience in education combing roles of teacher, principal, consultant, researcher and lecturer. Dylan is also a member of an International network of educators on the Islamic Teacher Education Program. He is a passionate advocate for Islamic schools and Islamic education in Australia. Dylan was instrumental in the establishment of the now annual whole-of-field Islamic education gatherings in Australia, the Islamic Education Forum (for educators and practitioners) and the Islamic Schooling Conference (for researchers, educationalists and leaders). Dylan’s PhD research focuses on Islamic pedagogy in Australian Islamic schools and aims to further efforts towards Islamic schooling renewal. He is a co-editor of Islamic schooling in the West: Pathways to renewal (Palgrave MacMillan, forthcoming).

Cost FREE Public Lecture
Date Wednesday 16 August
Time 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm
Venue City West Campus, H6-12

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