01 May 2018


Digital Money: What do we know about Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies? Dr Mahmood Nathie delivered the first Free Public Lecture for CITE’s Monthly Public Lectures Series, on 18 April 2018.Dr Nathie spoke about the new craze in the marketplace is all about Bitcoin and the get-rich-quick phenomena that surrounds it. It promises super profits for those who dare to take a bet on it. Yet very few people understand its workings, its prospects for generating wealth, its volatility and its inherent dangers. Some consider it as money, others as commodities, yet others treat it as an attractive investment while most don’t know what to make of it. Is this something to clamor for? Importantly, how does this fit within the realm of Islamic finance?Dr Mahmood Nathie is a Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Islamic Thought and Education, UniSA. 

Watch video here