CITE and NEXUS Arts would like to invite you to a Public Lecture Beneath our radiant Southern Cross: Contemporary art, Islam and advancing Australia fairly.

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People have always been connected, the movement between and across cultures is not new. However, existing at the contested sites of cultural change is increasingly complex for the Islamic diaspora. The current climate indicates an impasse that makes re-imagining transcultural relations imperative. The narrative of Islam needs thickening, not just to repatriate history, but to help us imagine a different, better socio-cultural order. This talk is an invitation to consider how we might think of difference without opposition.

Cost Free (Refreshments provided)
Date & Time Thursday 14 September 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Location Nexus Arts Venue, Lion Arts Centre, Cnr North Terrace & Morphett St, Adelaide SA, 5000

Yusuf Hayat is a practising artist/student at the University of South Australia. Yusuf initially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from the University of Leicester, UK before spending 3 years teaching English in Japan, Italy and Ecuador. Yusuf has since embarked on co-existing careers in visual arts and human services. Yusuf is committed to social justice and has worked in leadership roles for several international non-government organisations. As an artist, Yusuf’s work is notable for its integration of photography, painting and architectural approaches to sculptural form. His research focus is on transcultural ethics and intersubjectivity in art.


Yusuf Ali Hayat Artwork

Artwork by Yusuf Ali Hayat.