Project Outline:

Elderly Ladies Enjoying A MealNew technologies are being developed and designed to support older adults as they age to enable them to stay connected, maintain physical and cognitive functioning, independence, and quality of life. This technology is varied and includes age-specific interactive computer gaming (ICG); social robots; sensory stimulation; and virtual reality.

ECH, at their Care Hotel and Social Day Program, have invested in new state of the art technology for older adults and would like an extensive review of its use in this unique setting; the effectiveness; the barriers and enablers to uptake; and the impact (physical, psychosocial and quality of life) experienced by the guests and clients, and as perceived by the ECH staff and the guests’ and clients’ family members/carers. The evaluation is using a multifaceted approach and includes observation, survey, interview, and objective data. In addition, a full process evaluation will be conducted.

The evaluation project is supported and funded by ECH and The Hospital Research Foundation and will inform ECH about the potential to utilise these devices optimally, and potentially expand their deployment at other sites. Where appropriate, recommendations will be made to support beneficial outcomes for the guests and clients of the ECH Care Hotel and Social Day Program, the staff, and the guests' or clients’ family members/carers, in their use of the new technologies.

Principal Investigators:

Gaynor Parfitt
Professor in Exercise and Health Sciences, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
P7-08, City East Campus
Dannielle Post
Program Director: Health Sciences and Public Health, UniSA Allied Health & Human Performance
C8-45, City East Campus