New LED screen to light up the city

Adelaide has a new city landmark – a huge LED screen on the eastern façade of UniSA’s Bradley Building.

The LED screen is an exciting new feature of the city landscape and is designed to celebrate education, research, culture and the rhythm of life in South Australia.

The screen comprises three long display panels each 28.8m long and 2.6m wide. This makes it the tallest digital billboard in Australia and the first of its type and scale in Adelaide.

It was installed and switched on for testing in late 2020 and is visible from multiple locations in the CBD, including from North Terrace, the Riverbank Footbridge, King William Road bridge, Adelaide Oval and the new SkyCity Hotel. 

The LED screen features prominently on UniSA’s Bradley Building, previously known as the UniSA Cancer Research Institute building but which was rededicated as the Bradley Building in March 2021.

Anyone interested in finding more information about the images displayed on the screen should follow the hashtag #unisaLED on UniSA’s Twitter account.

The screen was planned and purchased more than two years ago but like many things, its installation was delayed by COVID-19 restrictions. 

The panels begin at Level 8 of the building and traverse all the upper levels including its crown, making the screen equivalent to the height of a seven-storey building.