22 November 2013

Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd has confirmed the signing of an MOU giving UniSA access to touring exhibitions from Science Gallery Dublin - one of the most globally connected science education and outreach centres in the world. 

The announcement paves the way for UniSA to feature some of the world’s most provocative, creative and innovative ideas in advance of the opening of its own new Science Creativity Education Studio (SciCEd), planned for 2017. 

Established in 2008, Science Gallery Dublin has had more than a million visitors, is positioned as one of Ireland's top 10 free visitor attractions and is a major tourist attraction in the City of Dublin. 

“Since 2008 Science Gallery Dublin has been creating landmark exhibitions that explore broad themes through creative ideas at the collision of art and science,” Prof Lloyd says. 

“Our discussions establish UniSA’s Science, Creativity and Education Studio – SciCEd – as a potential venue for their exhibitions to reach the Adelaide public. 

“Planning for the physical delivery of SciCEd, which will ultimately be located on North Terrace in the new Centre for Cancer Biology research building, is already in full swing. 

“SciCEd will transform public perceptions of science from something rarefied to the creative and exciting area that it is, vital to the life and progress of the world and integrated and connected to our lives in every way.  

“In a calendar of exciting displays and events, our ultimate goal is to develop the studio as one of the nation’s most popular free public galleries.” 

The goal of SciCEd will be to ignite and sustain an interest and passion for science, technology, engineering and maths in people of all ages, with a particular focus on the 15-22 year old bracket.  

“Our plan is that SciCEd will always be much more than a simple gallery space, it will be a means to engage the community in the enterprising spirit of science,” Prof Lloyd says. 

SciCEd will stage special citizen science projects, host visiting scientists, run a thought leaders group to engage community, industry and government leaders in science challenges and conduct workshops where students and visitors can help to solve science and technology problems. 

SciCEd is being developed in South Australia in collaboration with CSIRO, RiAus, the Samstag Museum, Questacon and with the support of State Government, Adelaide City Council, SA Museum and the SA Economic Development Board.

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