18 November 2015

image of man with a map of the world springing from his handThe University of South Australia Business School has secured a major new partnership in the area of biometric media research with the appointment of Professor Steven Bellman to its Ehrenberg-Bass Institute. 

Prof Bellman will spearhead biometric media research at the University and brings with him a significant track record of research engagement with corporations such as CBS, Disney, NBC Universal and Network Nine. 

Prof Bellman was previously Deputy Director of the Interactive Television Institute at Murdoch University. 

UniSA Vice Chancellor David Lloyd says that Prof Bellman is a great fit for one of the University’s flagship areas. 

“Prof Bellman is internationally renowned and a leader in his field, with this appointment at UniSA we are further cementing our international leadership in the field of marketing science,” Prof Lloyd says. 

US-based consumer neuroscience research company, MediaScience® is providing more than $1.5million to fund UniSA's new MediaScience® Chair.  

MediaScience® operates leading-edge biometric laboratories in the United States.  

CEO of MediaScience®, Dr Duane Varan, says the appointment signals the start of an important collaboration that will yield new insights into how media is consumed, now and in the future. 

Pro Vice Chancellor UniSA Business School Prof Marie Wilson says funding for the new Chair recognises the global impact of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute's research program. 

"UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute is the world's largest centre for research into marketing and is recognised internationally for producing evidence-based research into how buyers behave and how brands grow,” Prof Wilson says. 

"This significant partnership with one of the world leaders in the emerging field of biometric media will deliver the University broader international reach to research some of the most challenging questions facing the advertising industry in the digital multimedia age.  

"This is part of a substantial move into biometric media research by the Institute. It is a significant alliance and one which will be ably led by Prof Bellman."   

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