10 April 2014

Book coverFor the first time in the history of the world’s oldest university publishing house, Cambridge University Press has released a text book in for mental health nursing.

The book Mental Health: A person-centred approach was written and edited by UniSA’s Prof Nicholas Procter Chair in Mental Health Nursing with major contributions from colleagues Dr Helen Hamer, Denise McGarry, Rhonda Wilson and Dr Terry Froggatt. 

Lead author Prof Procter says the text is ground-breaking not only in the material it presents but also in its advocacy for a personalised approach to mental health care.

“What is important about this publication is that it draws from the real experiences of people with mental health problems and the people who care for them, including family members and professionals working at the coal face of mental health care,” Prof Procter says.

“Respecting the very individual nature of mental health issues in each person must be at the forefront of both teaching and practice if we are to improve outcomes for sufferers and this text is designed to support teaching and learning that reflects that change of emphasis.” 

The new book will be launched on April 15 a 4 pm at UniSA’s City West campus by Deputy Chief Executive of Mind Australia Dr Margaret Grigg.

The book includes contributions from members of UniSA’s Human Rights and Security Research and Innovation Cluster reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of tackling mental health care issues. 

“When a person becomes mentally ill there are likely to be many touch-points across society that will impact on their recovery from legal and medical issues right through to housing other factors,” Prof Procter says.

“The research cluster is able to draw from expertise across disciplines within the framework of human rights to build a research base to support better policy for people suffering from mental illness, their family members and carers.  

“The content of the book has benefited from being informed by diverse research perspectives.

“But perhaps the most important contribution has come from those whose experiences as patients or friends, partners and parents of patients, give us pause to find ways to do better.

“In any given year about 20 per cent of the Australian population, or one in five, will be battling a mental health problems.

“How well we manage their care has far reaching implications – personally, societally and economically.”

You can buy Mental Health: A person-centred approach online through Cambridge University Press for AU $85.95.

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