23 June 2015

Greece EU flag overlayIn the lead in to another showdown over Greek debt, the media has been full of commentary and opinion about Greece in the past 48 hours.

Will they or won’t they remain part of the EU; will they or won’t they default on the county’s massive debt; how will the Greek people continue to survive under crippling austerity measures, and with about 60 per cent of the population wanting to remain as part of the EU, what will the EU powerhouses demand in return for keeping hope alive in Greece?

Indeed, since the global financial crisis struck in 2010, Greece’s economic woes have rarely been out of the news and as one newspaper reported “Crisis is the new normal for weary Greeks”.

As a part of UniSA’s Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre series Past, Present and Perspectives for the Future, Greece’s Ambassador to Australia, ME Haris Dafaronos will provide some rare insights into Greece and the Eurozone as part of his official visit to South Australia.

Ambassador Dafaranos will be presenting – Greece and the Eurozone Crisis - at the Alan Scott Auditorium at UniSA’s City West campus tomorrow evening from 6.30 pm.

Looking at everything from the current state of the Eurozone, to the structural deficiencies in the Greek economy, the Ambassador will explore the importance of the European solidarity; the impact of imposed austerity on Greece in order to repay her debt; the impact of structural reforms; the brain drain and impoverishment of an entire society; and how stereotyping and finger-pointing has entered the debate.

The lecture will provide a rare opportunity to hear educated and informed views on an issue of such significance to global economics as it unfolds.

Seats are still available for this important public lecture and you can register online.

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