06 March 2012

Multi mediaFour key strategies may make the difference between effective and less effective media campaigns according to a White Paper released by UniSA’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science and leading global broadcaster CNBC this week.

The paper released in London this week encourages media agencies and advertisers to think about key factors that will achieve the greatest synergy with multi-platform campaigns.

To create the conditions that are conducive to synergy, the White Paper concludes that advertisers and planners need to select a media mix which: 

  • Builds cumulative reach – start by focusing on achieving as much 1+ exposures to a campaign among a brand’s target audiences
  • Broadens the timing and context of consumer touch points –advertising using a multi-platform mix at different times enhances receptivity.  Aim for as much coverage and as little overlap as possible.
  • Provides enhanced repetition (rather than just adding frequency) – enhance timings by drawing on media combinations that increase your footprint over the media day.  Vary the context and space out your exposures.
  • Creates a neuro-rich campaign environment – choose media combinations that together offer visual, auditory and text options that are as diverse as possible.

The White Paper, Planning for Synergy: Enhancing the Power of Multi-Platform Media was commissioned by CNBC and written by the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, to help media planners and advertisers think about the elements needed to achieve the maximum impact from multi-platform campaigns.

Associate Professor Jenni Romaniuk, International Director of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute says the White Paper provides useful guide to how aspects of a campaign can work together to enhance the power of the campaign and clearly supports that television should be the foundation media for any multi-platform campaign.

“The adoption of new technologies has expanded at a faster rate than our knowledge about how to leverage them,” Prof Romaniuk says.   

“This White Paper provides evidence-based research to help expand our thinking and help media planners gain greater synergy in their campaigns, to reach people and gain a greater response from those they reach. 

“You can waste a lot of money on a campaign if you don’t actively plan for synergy and the paper shows that too few marketers seem to be doing that planning.”

Director of Research EMEA at CNBC, Mike Jeanes says while there is a lot of talk about media synergy, until now there has been little clarity about how that translates into practice.

“Many marketers talk about ‘media synergy’ without qualifying what this really means.  This paper outlines how different media can piece together to create strong synergy and provides the context to help media planners underpin multi-media recommendations.”

Copies of Planning for Synergy: Enhancing the Power of Multi-Platform Media Campaigns are available by email request.

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