27 September 2012

he book, Child Protection, will be launched by Ita Buttrose.Emeritus Professor at the University of South Australia and author and co-author of 20 books on child protection and education, Freda Briggs has just published a definitive guide for educators and professionals on how to keep children safe.

The book, Child Protection, will be launched by Ita Buttrose in Adelaide on Sunday October 14 at 11.30 am at UniSA’s City West campus in the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery.

Endorsed by former Supreme Court JudgeRobyn Layton QC, Professor of Law at UniSA Rick Sarre, former CEO of children’s services in South Australia Sue Vardon, and patron of victim support, Ita Buttrose who has also written the forward to the book, it provides a comprehensive guide to child abuse and child protection and information needed by people whose work involves children. 

Child Protection
 covers all non-medical topics relating to child abuse, neglect and the ways in which abuse can be prevented and managed.

The book has been written for all those working with children, especially in schools and early childhood settings, out-of-home care, counselling, police, the legal system and family services.

Prof Briggs looks at issues not previously tackled in child protection publications including the safety of students on overseas exchange placements and sports and choir trips away from home.

She provides a close examination of the strategies of child sex offenders and how they manipulate the adults responsible for children’s safety as well as child victims.

As well as providing the signs and symptoms of all forms of child maltreatment, this book explains the effects on children from the time that abuse begins through to adulthood. She includes the now common problem of young children exhibiting inappropriate sexual behaviours and relates the various types of abuse to the different ways in which children, teens and adults respond.

Emeritus Professor Freda Briggs.Prof Briggs says child abuse and neglect continues to be prevalent and leaves children emotionally, sexually and physically scarred for years and often for life.

“Carers, educators, social works, lawyers and the judiciary have responsibility for making decisions about child maltreatment and children’s safety often without having the benefit of specialist training in child abuse, or in some cases, child development,” Prof Briggs says. 

“Without this training some of their decisions can further endanger children’s lives.

“The book is designed to help professionals to identify and report indicators of child abuse, support and treat victims and develop a better understanding of young and adult offenders.”

Targeted at the coalface, the book is  invaluable tool for social workers, counsellors, health professionals, family lawyers, educators and other child related professionals helping them not only to recognise situations where children are being abused or neglected  but to support and treat those who have been abused and neglected.

Prof Briggs says it will also equip people in the legal system with a better understanding of victims and what is in their “best interests”.

Professor Chris Goddard of Child Abuse Prevention Research at Australia’s Monash University says children who have been assaulted or neglected need advocates.

“There are few more passionate advocates than Professor Freda Briggs,” Prof Goddard says.

“For many children school is their only safe place, so this book will be an exceptional resource for educators and should be in every school, every Education Department and childcare centre.”

Detailing real cases of child abuse and neglect, Child Protection is an exceptional guide and a book that will help people understand child abuse; its effects for individuals and the wider community; but most importantly, equip them to better protect children. Child Protection by Professor Freda Briggs is available for purchase online for the RRP of $59.99.

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