23 July 2012

Networking supports nano science in South Australia.The Ian Wark Research Institute will join with BioSA to deliver an important network event for anyone interested in the State’s future scientific research capabilities.

The event, From micro to nano - The potential of advanced materials in life science, will be held in the University’s brand new state of the art facility the Materials and Minerals Science Building (MM)  at Mawson Lakes campus from 6.00pm on Thursday July 26.

UniSA’s  Associate Director of Nanomedicine at The Wark, Professor Clive Prestidge says the event presents a unique opportunity for the bioscience and medical device industry to get a deeper insight  into the art of advanced micro-and nano material science  and its development at UniSA.

“Novel nano and micro material science have the potential to enhance existing products and create new applications for healthcare, pharmaceuticals and agriculture,” Prof Prestidge says.

“We are making real inroads with novel cancer biodiagnostic technologies and nano engineered pharmaceuticals.

“We want to showcase at this event the new and powerful applications for nano science that have the potential to change lives globally and are being developed right now here in South Australia.”

Guest speakers for the event are Professor Magnus Nydén who will introduce The Wark and its Future Directions and Capabilities’ Associate Professor Benjamin Thierry who will explore Novel Technologies for Cancer Biodiagnostics; and Professor Clive Prestidge who will explain the science of Mimicking the Pharmaceutical Food Effect to Develop New Medicines.

For further details and to register contact BioSA. Registrations close on 25 July at 3.00pm.

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