29 September 2020

Chris Leishman 500.jpgThe University of South Australia has appointed internationally recognised property and housing affordability expert, Chris Leishman to a new role as Professor in Property and Housing Economics.

With extensive interdisciplinary experience in the field, and a highly developed global network, Prof Leishman is set to boost research and teaching in this increasingly significant field.

Announcing the appointment, Executive Dean of UniSA Business, Professor Andrew Beer, says  Prof Leishman will strengthen property and housing research capacity at UniSA, in what is shaping up to be a critical period post the COVID-19 pandemic.

“UniSA Business is proud to have one of the oldest and most recognised property programs in Australia and Prof Leishman’s appointment both strengthens that tradition of excellence and provides a pathway for further growth and outstanding achievement in this time of change and disruption,” Prof Beer says.

“As we navigate through the economic impacts of the pandemic across the next five or more years, it will be invaluable to have his breadth of experience to support innovative teaching and lead research that is relevant sector-wide.”  

Professor Leishman brings extensive global teaching experience across undergraduate and postgraduate programs in property, real estate, planning and urban regeneration, within numerous cross- disciplinary contexts and has a career-long track record in working with industry, government, not-for-profit sectors.

A graduate of the University of the West of Scotland, Professor Chris Leishman earned a PhD in Land Economics before establishing an international academic career.

Before moving to Australia, he was Professor of Housing Economics in Heriot-Watt University for six years and Professor of Housing and Urban Economics at the University of Glasgow prior to that.

As a consultant he has informed policy on housing supply and affordability for governments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

He has a career-long track record in working with industry, government, not-for-profit and academic sectors in relation to generating external research funding.

Most recently he was Professor of Housing Economics, and Director of the Centre for Housing, Urban and Regional Planning, and the Hugo Centre for Migration and Population at The University of Adelaide.

Keen to make a bigger contribution to property education and research in SA and beyond, Prof Leishman says he is delighted to be joining UniSA.

“UniSA is already the leading provider of property education in the State, but it is well-placed to go further, and to lead Property and Housing education and research in Australia, and internationally, through the publication of world leading research and innovative and attractive programs," Prof Leishman says.

“As we move into post-pandemic recovery, there are many exciting opportunities ahead.

“There’s no doubt that the early part of 2021 will be challenging from an economic perspective, but this is a ripe time for study.

“We know that the property and housing industries will be critical to Australia’s economic recovery, and government and industry demand for research that will underpin that revival is increasing.

“We are already seeing property market forecasts of an upswing in demand and market activity for late 2021. Time will tell, but research will give us an understanding of who will win and who will miss out as the world slowly returns to normal.”

Professor Leishman will commence at UniSA in December.

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