07 November 2019

Siobhan Banks sleep research_500pixels.jpgCutting-edge research that supports the Australian Defence Force will be on show this weekend at the 2019 RAAF Air Show at Edinburgh, north of Adelaide.

Some of the University of South Australia’s most innovative STEM research projects will be featured as part of the on-the-ground exhibitions and activities at the aviation spectacle.

About 50,000 visitors are expected to descend on the RAAF Base to get a glimpse of the action when the latest military aircraft take to the skies.

Visitors can learn about UniSA’s research in industrial design, team dynamics, virtual reality and thin film polymer technology – all of which have applications in the defence forces and defence industry.

UniSA will also feature a mathematics activity for the young – and young at heart – to emphasise the importance of STEM education.

University of South Australia Director of Defence & Space, Matt Opie, is encouraging the public to visit the Air Show and explore the wide variety of displays and activities.

“The RAAF Air Show is a must-see event for anyone with an interest in aviation,” Mr Opie said.

“There’s also plenty to see on the ground, including the latest advances in research.

“UniSA is engaged in research that will transform and innovate the future of defence, not just for South Australia, but internationally.

“Our display at the Air Show will give visitors an insight into some of the work we are doing on the human factors we need to consider in complex defence operational environments.

“It will also highlight the work we are doing with the Defence Science and Technology Group to develop thin-film colour-changing coatings to provide active camouflage to various military vehicles and other assets.’’

The theme for this year’s RAAF Air Show is ‘VIMY to 5th Generation Air Force’, commemorating the centenary of the historic England-Australia Air Race, which was won by Adelaide brothers Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith in their WW1-vintage Vickers VIMY Bomber in 1919.

Edinburgh Air Show 2019 is being held on Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 November with tickets available through Ticketmaster.

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