09 March 2012

Youth, music and creative cultures book coverA new book documenting the lives and stories of young people across four countries has highlighted the lack of support given by local and national funding bodies for music making activities.

Youth, Music and Creative Cultures by UniSA academics, Associate Professor Geraldine Bloustien and Associate Professor Margaret Peters, examines young people engaged with music as creators, performers, dancers, producers and consumers. 

Dr Margaret Peters says during the research the youth were supported in developing their skills and abilities through a network of individual mentors, not-for-profit community-based organisations, and altruistic social entrepreneurs. 

“Funding bodies were scarce, fragmented and frequently dismissive of the youth’s music making activities, seemingly unaware of how such musical engagement was able to create a renewed sense of identity and belonging for many young people who were in many other ways disaffected and marginalised,” she said.

Dr Bloustien said they did not underestimate the lack of opportunities provided to youth for gaining employment in creative industries. 

“Young people know the risks but they still engage in grassroots music-based activities because they need to, they love what they do, and they are passionate about building their skills, knowledge and self worth, despite economic fragility and the risks associated with such a choice,” she said.

“The research highlights the ongoing innovation involved in young peoples’ music-making, usually not seen by policy decision makers. 

“The book collaborates with international researchers in four countries to provide a rare mapping in Australia and internationally of the myriad ways young people engage in and with creative industries and cultures and the challenges that need to be faced by government, educational and creative sectors to support, sustain and grow this vitally important engagement.”

More information about the book, the research and the outcomes from the project will be discussed at the launch of Youth Music and Creative cultures on Tuesday, March 13th, 5.30 – 7.30 pm at the Bradley Forum, Hawke Building, City West campus.

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