03 May 2018

ArchitectureOur Master of Architecture degree requires applicants to submit a portfolio of work when they submit their application to study at the University of South Australia. Review the information that will equip you to counsel students about what they require when submitting an architecture portfolio.

Architecture portfolio requirements:

  • 15 images of own original work which can include: art work, graphic design or illustration work, photographs and architecture construction and design drawings. If the digital portfolio is over 15 MB (too large for email) please submit in a PC compatible format on DVD or USB
  • Detail of images – name, title, date, medium and dimensions (label all material).

Portfolio Assessment criteria:

  • Design: Work that demonstrates design ideas which support architectural proposals.
  • Communication Skills: work that communicates through various mediums, such as hand-drawing, physical models, digital rendering, and other forms of hybrid media.
  • Documentation and Technical: work that shows how a building is put together and documented for construction.
  • Environmental: work that shows environmental design strategies to support architectural proposals.

Other demonstrated knowledge required:

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of architecture;
  • Architectural designs of moderate complexity and scales;
  • Imaginative thinking skills to identify and respond to architectural problems and situations;
  • Planning, problem solving and decision making skills;
  • Understanding of social and environmental impact of their designs.

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