07 July 2015

Urban planningUrban and Regional Planning and IT students will soon depart for separate study tours to Vietnam. On April 23 2015 the University of South Australia partnered with Hue University of Sciences in Vietnam to provide greater collaboration and opportunities to students of urban planning.

UniSA Senior Lecturer, researcher in urban geography and leader of the urban planning practicum to Vietnam, Dr Matthew Rofe says “The University of South Australia has always provided opportunities for urban planning students to learn in new cultural contexts originally in Malaysia and now in Vietnam.” 

Study tours allow students to experience planning, urban regeneration and sustainable development of cities in a global context. “The design and construction of cities and urban communities can never be studied in isolation from culture, geography and the economic and social history of a place”. Dr Rofe explains.

For more information on our undergraduate and postgraduate planning programs visit unisa.edu.au/urbanplanning

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