24 April 2014

Lai Bak ChunBachelor of Management (Marketing) graduate Lai Bak Chun has received the School of Marketing’s AUD$1000 prize for Excellence in Marketing. Awarded to the top marketing graduate each year, Bak Chun achieved an overall GPA of 6.73 out of 7, higher than any of his fellow 2013 graduates, both domestic and international.

Bak Chun completed his A-levels at a junior college in Singapore, before heading to Adelaide to complete his Marketing degree at the University of South Australia. He appreciated the genuine nature of his lecturers and tutors.

‘The teaching staff at UniSA are professional, friendly and they do care about their students,’ says Bak Chun, ‘If students had a genuine interest in doing well, the staff would want to help them do well’.

During his study at UniSA, Bak Chun broadened his UniSA experience beyond the classroom by becoming a leader for the Business School’s Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program and taking up two overseas exchange opportunities, to Korea and Denmark.

‘This boosted my confidence levels as well as my communications skills,’ says Bak Chun, ‘I made really good friends from the two exchange programs’.

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