05 March 2018

Samsung SmartSchool

‘Transforming STEM education through enquiry, exploration and collaboration.’

The Samsung SMARTSchool uses a range of cutting edge Samsung products - such as giant screens, video walls, smart phones, tablets, virtual reality, and wearables - to push the boundaries of traditional STEM education. Students can collaborate in the digitally-connected environment to solve real-life issues, having a whole lot of fun in the process!

UniSA is home to the state’s largest tertiary school for Education. By combining teacher education and responsive teaching practices with world-class research and technology, teachers at any stage of their career will enjoy this ultra-modern space for collaboration, innovation and group inquiry.

Our Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary teaching students will have the opportunity to work with visiting classes gaining the benefit of direct engagement and observation of the latest teaching innovations. They will also have the opportunity to undertake placements, projects and planning activities within the Smart School.

Find out more about the University of South Australia’s new Samsung SmartSchool.

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