24 February 2014

SAIBT has introduced new Diploma programs to improve the academic learning experience for students who require the equivalent of Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation Program, Year 12 or Foundation Studies. The new Diploma program replaces the existing Certificate IV and Diploma pathway and consists of a Stage 1 and a Stage 2, with a total duration of 5-6 trimesters depending on offered intake. Stage 1 of the new Diploma replaces the current Certificate IV in Tertiary Preparation Program and provides entry level studies which are more targeted than the old Certificate IV program. Stage 2 consists of core courses relevant to the specialisation of the Diploma, ie Engineering.

The University of South Australia has announced that we will accept students direct into the first year of the Bachelor of Aviation after successful completion of Stage 1, the first year of the SAIBT Diploma of Engineering program, with a GPA of 5. This means that SAIBT students can have the choice to transition into the Bachelor of Aviation after the completion of Stage 1 of the Diploma of Engineering and do not have to complete the second year of this new Diploma program.

Apart from the SAIBT diploma Stage 1, the university continues to accept other university preparation pathways for aviation, including foundation studies.

Shark Patrol Video Series









The Division of IT, Engineering and the Environment has launched a six-episode weekly mini-series on the UniSA Aviation Academy’s Shark Patrol, which began on 17 February 2014. The series follows the team from the 2012/13 Shark Patrol Team made up of a Flight Instructor, Pilot, Communications Officer and Observer. A Shark Patrol website was launched on the same day with the videos, team bios, news and information on the Bachelor of Aviation. Two episodes have been released so far, with the first episode featuring the Flight Instructor speaking about how Shark Patrol works and how students are selected. The second episode features the Pilot speaking about his experiences in Shark Patrol and as a student at the Aviation Academy.

The remainder of the series will be interviews with the other team members, and will follow the team as they conduct a flight check and go on a flight.

Watch the first two episodes below:

Episode 1
Shark Patrol Episode 1 – Meet the Flight Instructor

Episode 2
Shark Patrol Episode 2 – Meet the Pilot  



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