18 August 2015

Business students

Two new integrated business programs will be available in 2016 and will provide students with a solid foundation in key business disciplines through industry engagement. The two new programs are as follows:

Bachelor of Business (International Business)

The students will learn how to navigate the business challenges such as operating across different socio-economic and institutional environments, working with state-owned enterprises and many and varied political systems. Students will have the opportunity to embed a student exchange experience, an internship or mentoring in the program.

Bachelor of Business (Information Strategy and Management)

This specialisation equips students with the knowledge and skills to develop strategic information systems and processes that align to an organisation’s business needs. Students will learn how to plan, form and apply IT solutions to respond to business problems and gain expertise in areas such as accounting, economics and marketing. An internship is also available in this program and students will graduate with the knowledge and confidence to succeed as a business professional in IT.

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