09 May 2016

Thuy Thi Thanh PhamOne of our Australia Awards students was recently chosen to provide interpreting services for a high level Austrade delegation to Vietnam.  For Thuy Thi Thanh Pham, who is completing her PhD in Engineering (Minerals and Materials), it was a great networking opportunity.

 "I got to meet and connect with some important people in my field. The leader of the delegation that I accompanied is the president of Biomedical Equipment association in Ho Chi Minh City (my field of study as I am making biosensors). I connected with him and some other really important people in the field of health and medicine. I even shook hands and had dinner with the Vice Minister from Vietnam's Ministry of Health. I also learnt a lot more about healthcare and medicine which really broadened my mind. Now I see my research in the big picture."

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