04 March 2015

Annual Tuition Fee Increases

The recent change to the University’s fee policy means that International Student Tuition Fees are no longer fixed for the duration of the student’s program.  Tuition Fees are now subject to an annual increase.  The vast majority of Australian University’s increase continuing international student tuition fees annually. This annual tuition fee increase will apply to international students commencing a program from 2015, which means these students will be subject to their first annual tuition fee increase in 2016.

Prospective students will now see the following note in their offer letter “Once you have started your program, your tuition fees will increase annually. However, your fees will not be more than the fees for commencing (new) students. Your tuition fees will be based on your enrolment and the fees set for that year.”  This means that a continuing international student in each subsequent year of their program will not pay more than the tuition fee set for an international student commencing in that year.

We are required when creating a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) document to state a total tuition fee for the duration of the student’s program. This figure will be calculated on the basis of the tuition fees available (minus any credit) at the time of creating the CoE document.  The student’s tuition fee will be subject to an annual fee increase and therefore will be higher than what is stated on the CoE.  We will be adding a disclaimer to the comments section of the CoE stating that the total tuition fee will be higher than stated due to  annual tuition fee increases.

Please ensure prospective students are aware that their tuition fee will be subject to annual increases and that they are liable for these fees upon acceptance of their offer.

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