24 October 2014

Not sure which type of accommodation to suggest to students?

Follow our 3 step process to choose a suitable option.
Also, view our short videos of students talking about their accommodation.

Prevent students being victims of internet rental fraud!

If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably a scam. View our tips.

Interested in our popular Rental Database?

Students are able to register after receiving a Confirmation of Enrolment.  Students should NOT pay any money before visiting the property. View more information on the Rental database.

Is a student thinking of living with a friend?

Students can avoid common share-house problems by following our tips.  

Is a student interested in Residential Colleges or Homestay?

It’s important to book as early as possible for these popular options.

Help students avoid dodgy landlords offering unsafe and illegal accommodation

Over-crowded and insecure accommodation may be cheap, but it is not safe. If students stay in such accommodation, they risk their personal safety, as well as eviction and loss of their bond. View other options.  

Knowledge is power! 

By knowing their rights, students can avoid common problems.
Browse our Housing FAQs.
Strongly encourage students to attend the Accommodation Information Session during International Welcome Week where senior students will be sharing their valuable experiences and advice.

For more advice contact us


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