Professional & Personal: Does being a patient make you a better clinician?

Professional & Personal: Does being a patient make you a better clinician?

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Monday 23 APRIL 2018

6pm - 7.15pm



Dr Mark Henschke is a Senior Lecturer at the Rural Clinical School, University of NSW and is based in Coffs Harbour. His teaching responsibilities include involvement with all health disciplines from paediatrics to aged care and palliative care. His previous role was as a Visiting Medical Officer at the Armidale and New England Hospital. His rural general practice covered all aspects of primary care. One of his goals as a rural general practitioner was for women to have a good birth and patients to have a good death. Palliative care was very much part of his work as a rural GP.

Dr Henschke attended secondary school in Adelaide and gained a BSc from University of Adelaide. His medical degree was awarded with honours from the University of Sydney. In 2006 he was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for ‘Service to Medicine as a GP and to the community of Armidale.’

Dr Henschke will talk about “Professional & Personal: Does being a patient make you a better clinician?” The recent in-hospital death of his brother from respiratory failure and the at-home death of his sister-in-law has given him new insights into the impact of a terminal illness as a doctor and as a family member.


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