04 November - 26 November 2020


Designing a Shared Future:
Match Studio 15+

4 November 2024 -
26 November 2024

Match Studio has been a staple in the creative student experience at The University of South Australia for nearly 15 years. During this time, Match Studio has collaborated with a diverse array of individuals, including students, academics, industry partners and researchers. Together, they have breathed life into numerous projects that embody our guiding philosophy of ‘designing to make a difference’.

Embark on a journey of reflection and celebration with us as they explore the moments that have shaped their contribution to design for social change. Immerse yourself in the stories and experiences shared by remarkable individuals, revisit notable projects and delve into the transformative impact they have achieved through their collaborations in teaching and research.

This exhibition is not just a retrospective; it’s a launchpad propelling us into the future. As they gaze ahead, Match Studio eagerly anticipate the next 15 years, envisioning a world in which we continue to make a lasting impact.


15+ Years of Match Studio

Designing a Shared Future: Match Studio 15+ is presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Match Studio, UniSA Creative

Match studio

Match Studio is the University of South Australia’s innovative learning and research space, geared to support design thinking skills development through client-focused interdisciplinary project collaboration and professional practice.

Match Studio offers structured student and researcher engagement opportunities to inform innovations for business, industry and policy makers.

Visit the Match Studio website for more information. 


Presented by
The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and match studio, unisa creative


While the views presented by speakers within The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre public program are their own and are not necessarily those of either the University of South Australia, or The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, they are presented in the interest of open debate and discussion in the community and reflect our themes of: Strengthening our Democracy - Valuing our Diversity - Building our Future. The Hawke Centre reserves the right to change their program at any time without notice.