2012 exhibitions

SyntaX: Analogue to digital dialogue
5 December 2011 - 24 January 2012

In the blue of the nightIn order to showcase the School and the range of expressive and evolving media staff use in their own practices, the School of Art, Architecture and Design is presenting this exhibition.

Curated by Nasim Nasr, it is based upon the premise that all facets of contemporary global art and design practice are now circumscribed by the multiplicity and artificiality of the digital, whereas the analogue was once pervasive in its continuous parallel between source and derivative. Syntax explores "interpretive works in conversation" between these two potent authorities.

No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability - New Work Exhibition
25 February - 3 April

No strings attachedThe Hawke Centre is pleased to present this celebration of No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability during the Adelaide Fringe.

No Strings Attached (NSA) is a community-based theatre company providing training programs, creative opportunities and career paths for disabled theatre artists.

This exhibition will feature images from NSA's two major performance works in creative development. Sons & Mothers: a performance celebration of this key relationship, devised and performed by 7 men with disabilities, directed by Alirio Zavarce. POP Pictures is filming the creative process for release as a feature documentary. Knowing Home: the 15 participants are among the most marginalized people in Australia - ATSI and disabled. Most are displaced and dislocated, removed from their families in circumstances beyond their control. Each holds tightly to a longing for original home - Country, Kin, Connection. The first step in this performance journey is the creation of silk paintings of remembered 'home'.

The artists are being mentored by Auntie Pilawuk White.

Presented during the Adelaide Fringe

13 March - 24 April

Hand in HandThis exhibition is the result of a project, Hand in Hand which brought together young artists of refugee background to explore their sense of place and to share their stories by working with young Aboriginal people, being the cultural descendants of the first peoples of this land, going back 60,000 years. Over the past six months over a hundred young people were directly involved in the project through photographic workshops and cultural exchanges with the Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal communities. With cameras in hand young people explored their social and physical space by taking photos of themselves, their friends, their families and events in the community. A highlight was a photo shoot with Senator Kate Lundy, Minister for Multicultural Affairs, during the launch of the project. The exhibition highlights the project in progress, the artists own work and their views on their sense of place.

Harmony Day information

Presented during the Adelaide Fringe in conjunction with the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia, School of Art Architecture and Design, UniSA, Port Adelaide Enfield Council and Ngarrindjeri Community.

Advancing Australia Fair 
Bob Hawke and his government, 1983-1991
30 April - 6 June 2012

Advancing Australia Fair ExhibitionMarking About Time, South Australia's history festival, the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Library at UniSA are proud to present this informative exhibition tracking the paradigm shift in Australian values, policies, and international relations pursued by the Hawke government. From educational access, to Aboriginal advancement, to anti-sex discrimination, to Medicare, to the saving of the Franklin River and Kakadu, to the lifting of trade barriers and the vital furthering of the China relationship, the re-shaping of Australia is embedded in the history of this government. The special connection to our State lies in the fact that Bob Hawke is the only Prime Minister to have been born in South Australia, and the exhibition content has drawn upon the expertise and collections of the Hawke Library in Adelaide. This exhibition also marks the 21st birthday of the University of South Australia, and the 21st year since Bob Hawke ceased to be Prime Minister.

SA Refugee Week Poster Exhibition and Awards
12 June - 11 July

2012 SA Refugee Week Poster Exhibition and AwardsThe Hawke Centre has been a regular supporter of Refugee Week drawing attention to the positive contributions made by refugees to Australia, and will again aid this important social message. Young artists have been invited to celebrate the Week by showing how refugees are welcomed, become part of, and/or contribute to the Australian 'family'. Now an annual event, this year's finalists will offer visitors a visual dialogue describing multiculturalism, anti-racism, and human rights.

Presented as part of the 2012 SA Refugee Week celebrations in conjunction with the Migrant Resource Centre of South Australia,  School of Art Architecture and Design, UniSA and SA Refugee Week Committee

Women in Shadow
16 July - 15 August

Woman in ShadowHuman exile and re-settlement is fraught with challenges, and the Hawke Centre is proud to be hosting the artistic probing of this scenario.

Nasim Nasr shows the impact on the individual as they move from one culture to another, and especially the effect on their identity, and how they convey that identity. To quote the artist: "my work focuses on the idea that the specificity of the world is defined through an experience of a single existence unfolding in a particular context; the manifestation of this experience is then based on the subsequent understanding of unalterable and irreplaceable memories of identity and power."

Nasim Nasr graduated with a BA in Graphic Design from the Art University of Tehran in 2006 and completed her Master of Visual Arts (Research) at the School of Art, Architecture & Design, University of South Australia, in 2011.

Presented during the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA)

Life, Stitching
20 August - 11 September

Life Stitching

An exhibition of craft textile works made by the women involved in the Beachport Craft Group

The Hawke Centre is pleased to draw attention to the skills of both rural and city women in this SALA exhibition.

Life, Stitching will offer textile work by women from the 'Beachport Craft Group' (a small coastal town) together with several Adelaide artists with connections to the area. The township has a history of whaling, farming, and cray-fishing. Life, Stitching includes quilting, patchwork, embroidery, knitting, and crocheting; these skills have been developed during each woman's lifetime for different reasons and intentions. The artefacts are intended for both gifts and display. The work is personal, geographic and social, relating to family, landscape, climate and industry. Importantly, the Group functions as a network of support and friendship. The different practices of these country and city women are complementary, evoking complex relationships to materials.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Linda Marie Walker who is a Senior Lecturer in the Art Architecture Design School at the University of South Australia. She is a writer, artist and occasional curator and has worked in the contemporary art sector for many years.

Presented during the South Australian Living Artists Festival (SALA)

Clay Lineage
14 September - 17 October

Brown Jug

The Hawke Centre is a partner of the Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival, and has chosen to present this highly relevant exhibition during the Festival season.

The exhibition will traverse the early influence of German and English craftsmen who settled in South Australia, to the impact of contemporary Asian influences exposing South Australian ceramic practitioners to cultures and technologies that challenge their approach to clay, on both a philosophical and aesthetic level. Innovative works arising from artistic interaction in India and China will sit alongside examples of locally produced, early functional and mercantile colonial pottery. Through exhibits, storyboards and recorded interviews, this exhibition offers a comparison between modern and traditional ceramic skills and design, revealing much about the economic and cultural aspects of South Australian life.

Presented during Adelaide Festival Centre's OzAsia Festival

Out of Sudan
22 October - 21 November

Out of Sudan

The Hawke Centre is presenting a story here that brings together Australia and the war-torn Sudan. It is the account of Angelo Mapial, a Sudanese/Australian man, who returns to his homeland after 26 years, having fled the Sudan after being severely tortured and threatened.

Angelo takes a small digital camera with him and captures extraordinary images of village life; blacksmiths working under primitive conditions, adults playing a backgammon-like game in the dirt, a goat being killed and butchered, women pounding corn to make flour. Despite never having used a camera before, Angelo's photos are a unique insider's view of traditional village life, the people, the markets, the hut building, the cooking and the spontaneous outbursts of celebration.

Proceeds from the sale of signed copies of the photos and DVD will assist the building of a school room in the same village that is featured in the exhibition.

2012 Master of Design Visual Communication and Industrial Design Bachelor of Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition
26 November - 19 December

2012 Master of DesignThe Hawke Centre is again pleased to support students from Art, Architecture and Design at UniSA by hosting the 2012 Master of Design and Bachelor of Industrial Design Graduate Exhibition.

This year is the inaugural exhibition of graduating students from the Master of Design program, in which students specialise in Visual Communication or Industrial Design. The exhibition also showcases the final design projects of graduating students from the Bachelor of Industrial Design.

The work featured includes innovative practice-based design investigations and industry collaborative design projects which are undertaken with a variety of industry partners, ranging from education, media, healthcare and ageing to automotive, furniture and retail industries. Each year, graduating students secure employment as a result of the highly innovative projects displayed at the Graduate Exhibition, which is highly regarded nationally.

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